Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Afternoon Tea Experience

To celebrate my sister-in-laws early birthday, our friend & I took her to the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Downtown Vancouver for Afternoon Tea. As we sipped our tea, we laughed and agreed that us having tea is a sign of getting old. :P We imagined that this is the sort of thing we'll be doing in years to come as my sister-in-law plans to have kids in the near future and i'm preparing to get married in 2.5 months. We first met when we were 9 and 11 years old so it's quite surreal to think that my sister-in-law (who was my best friend before we officially became family) is turning 26 in five days!

Anyway, i'll let the pictures do the talking...

I was very tempted to photoshop the "i" into a "y" :P
Beautiful tea pots - we each got a different color pot :)
I'm not really a tea kind of person (unless it's bubble tea :P) but I really enjoyed this vanilla tea!
We started off with a plate of fresh scones (to the left), the sandwiches were on the bottom tier and the desserts were on top. $35/person.
The Fairmont Pacific Rim served traditional sandwiches but what makes them unique is that they also serve sushi! Everything was fresh and full of flavour.
After dessert, we were craving for something salty to off set the sweetness so we shared a plate of poutine with beef on top. It was delicious but wayyyy overpriced! A plate of plain poutine at other restaurants is about $5-$7 but this was $16.
After tea, a friend of mine took us on a tour of the nicest rooms in the hotel (which i'll post about this week) and we ended the day with these chocolate buns (aka Chocolate Zeppole) from Giovane Cafe (attached to the hotel)! We originally came for their famous sugar buns but apparently, they sell out first thing in the morning. This was still a good alternative though. :)
It is definitely not "first date" kind of food though... it was messy to eat, and the bun poo'd on my hand.

Do you notice your outings changing as you get older?

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Nashe^ said...

So much food. Colourful, too! Hehe my favourite kind of blog post.

I do notice my outings change; I should be worried if they didn't! Hahaa. And wooheyy you look great in that pic!

MissA* said...

I've to agree with Nashe^ that you look great in the pic :)

The desserts look so yummy!

.maitai said...

Haha! Most definitely! My childhood/teen friends and I would be going to the beach everyday, going bowling, going to the movies, etc...but now we barely have time to get together :( so we usually just go out for lunch or dinner or the occasional hang out at friends' houses. My close friends (now) and I usually go to the gym together and study together...how sad. lol [>_<]

Looks like you all had an awesome outing! I've never actually had an actual Afternoon Tea...I'm kind of intrigued now...I think I may have to do that one of these days :)

.maitai said...

Btw! I haven't been on your blog in AAAAGES :( (So sorry!) but I loooove your new banner! :D
Hontou ni orijinaru (truly are an original!) [^_^]

suki pooki said...

WAHHH KYM IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! and Is super glad that you enjoyed it too!!! The fairmont tea is high priced, lemme say, the average price is normal around 25$ and th4en they have mini-tea from 13$-18$ Just in case you have tea cravings but don't want to shell out like 45$ (seriously this hst is killing me eating out time =( ) you can try places like T-room bakery, they have mini tea fro 13$ I believe but you MUST call a day in advance to book, Faubourg also has a mini tea for 16$ and the Urban tea merchant has regular tea at 25$ =D! Also keep a look out for those groupon things! I just bought a 2-for-1 for tea at the Fairmont!

The food here looks awesome! I can't wait to try it later! If I make it on time LOL I know what you mean about being "sweetened" out by the pastries there, my bf always craves something salty and more "solid" to eat afterwards LOL Can't wait to see the tour your friend brought you on!!!!

Ashley Slater said...

Your pictures of food look SO good. What a cute blog!

Love it!

Adventures of Newlyweds

abby | ybba said...

tea? yeah kym... you are getting older! but that's okay cus you look young and you can still blend in with high school/college peeps! LOL! like me and the rest of the asians who got the good genes!

speaking of looking young again... i went to the strip two nights ago. i was watching some people gamble when the lady hosting the table asked for my ID. i didn't have it and i was so bummed out cus i felt so unwelcomed XD but then at the same time i was like... who cares? she thought i wasn't 21 ! WOOT WOOT.

dolce la robyn said...

i thought of something awesome when i saw your photo:

kr(y)m and proper.

like prim & proper.


random much? ;p

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i definitely loved your little tea date. i'm not a tea person either but i'd try it for experience. i def. noticed my type of outings changing with a new bf, with a kid, and as i'm getting older. lol

나니 said...

FOOD PORN AHEAD! NOMNOMNOM<33 it looks so yummy! I'd go there just for the cakes! *__*"

I'm glad you enjoyed my tag! : D haha, I honestly think that my tag is super boring.. but oh well, I tried XD

RicAdeMus said...

Oh Kym, you look so elegant and sophisticated pouring the tea. Then there's the last picture. =)

Not first date food? If K had made that mess on the 1st date I would have thought it was cute--and she would have been humiliated. I can't remember which date we were on when I slipped on some ice (but didn't fall) and split my pants. She had to walk behind me the rest of the night. LOL

Changed outings...yes, but only rarely as upscale as your tea.

RicAdeMus said...

PS - The contrast between the two pictures is very cool...grown-up and young at heart.

ochikeron said...

Hi kim! LoL


>us having tea is a sign of getting old
I totally agree with this feeling! I still think this when I have a tea with my highschool friends. LoL

My outings really changed now! I prioritize quality over the price! Especially the foods!!! (not the clothings. haha)

So was the poutine special there?! I never tired poutine and never knew such a food, but sounds delicious eating french fries with gravy sauce :D

Kathleen Murillo said...

omggg, can i just say, i LOVE tea outings, but wow this brought it to another level with SUSHI involved too?! gah i love this place already, i needa visit! haha.
and thanks so much lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours as well :). also loove your clothing designs! :)
PS. I'm having a giveaway on my blog, personally from me to you my readers! definitely check it out and enter? ;) http://bit.ly/fYQdRJ

<3, Kathleen.

Keri said...

Oh my.. I am drooling.. :p
Thanks for following:]
I love your blog <3

T.A. said...

You just made me SUPER hungry!!! :]


// krissy ♥ said...

Kymmybelles, I love your peecture, so purrty ♥


Roma Agsalud said...

now i'm hungry!

Donna said...

Hi Kym,

I live in Vancouver too! OMG! So I need to check out this High Tea place! I had heard that Fairmont had amazing High Tea in Victoria too! Your pictures look delicious! I love it! Have you tried High Tea at the Secret Garden Tea Garden?! I haven't been there in a year or so but they have the best scones I've ever had!

Thanks for droppin' by my blog! :*) I replied back on my comments section but incase you didn't get it... (Sorry I'm a newbie so I just added a code and I'm not sure if it works or not! - Please let me know if you can!)

I wanted to say that I like Seattle more and more each time and I try not to just rush around to just shop but to walk about more and try to find the best foods and places to shop!

InsideOut Elle said...

I love your pics in this post :}! ahha As I got older my outings went from few to non-existent xD ahah

Sarah said...

hahaha.. totally. i used to be so concerned about DOING stuff.. now i'm concerned about what i'm EATING. and everything else just falls inbetween :P