Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodbye Love Handles

"A year from now you'll wish you had started today" - Karen Lamb

Those who are friends with me on Facebook know about what i've been up to for a few months now. I'm finally getting my act together and changing my lifestyle around for the better! Since I don't want to overwhelm you with fitness related posts, i thought i'd create a separate blog for that. 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Kind of Shopper Are You?

from my clothing line (herro hachi)'s look book
Last Saturday, my husband and I spent the afternoon walking around Downtown Vancouver with friends. Since I had gone on a little shopping trip the weekend previous, i told myself that I wouldn't buy anything that day and i was solid on my decision... until I saw a beautiful knit sweater at plen+y. I stood in the store and stared at this sweater and started doing math calculations in my head and battling it out with myself (you don't need this... you have lots of sweaters at home....). I held it up for my friend to see and her response was "I could totally see you wearing that". Her husband and my husband (both bad shopping influences!) said "just get it if you really want it, otherwise you'll keep thinking about it". I quickly snapped out of it, put the sweater back on the rack, hurried us out of the store, and went next door to buy a smoothie instead.

I realized there are several types of shoppers and I have been each and every one of these shoppers at different stages in my life.  

The Buy Now, Think Later Shopper: You see it on the manikin, it's beautiful, you can totally see yourself wearing it, you buy it without a second thought, go home to try it on and realize it either looks horrible on you or doesn't fit you.

The Fad Diet Shopper: You realize you have a shopping problem so you stop shopping cold turkey. One week later, a beautiful pair of shoes breaks you and you end up leaving the mall with 10 bags.

The Peer Pressure Shopper: You bought something expensive so to justify your purchase and make yourself feel better, you convince your friend that they need to buy something too.

The Compliment Eating Shopper: Your friend says "OMG! That is so cute on you, it totally makes your butt look hot" and you head straight to the cashier without a second thought.

The Practical Shopper: You like it, you'll sleep on it, you'll think about it the next day, think about whether or not you really need it, think about the value for money, think about other more important things you could buy for the same price, sleep on it again and end up not buying it.  

The Leave It To Fate Shopper: If it's at the branch closer to home, in my size, and it's on sale… then it's totally meant to be.

In last weekends case, I was the "Leave It To Fate" shopper deciding that if it was available in the branch closer to home, it was meant to be mine. I went to that branch the next day and it wasn't there. (boo.)

What Kind of Shopper Are You? 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

this was my lunch time "fortune" on a mini roadtrip to Tulalip, WA this past weekend. :)
I love travelling. If you ask me if i'd rather spend $1,000 on a new purse or a new experience, i'd choose the latter. Perhaps it's because i've been on the move since I was young, having moved from the Philippines to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, my family and i moved to a new place every 2 years. After Hong Kong, we moved to Canada, then I moved to California, then back to Canada.

It's the excitement leading up to my departure date, making my "to-pack" list, packing, waiting at the airport, take off, landing, taking your first breath of the new place once the airport doors open, exploring, trying new foods, getting sick from new foods, experiencing the culture, meeting the people, shopping for souvenirs... i love it all! (okay, maybe except for the getting sick from food part)

Photo credits to: tourist destinations for bora bora photo, carmelo61 on flickr for santorini photo, jazztruth for tokyo photo, fellsho for venice photo, and nicepictures08 for palawan photo.

There are still so many places I would love to visit, especially now that I've become great friends with many of you here on blogger from around the world! Someday, someday... :)

Which country is first on your "to visit" list? 

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