Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Stuff on TV!!! + A Giveaway Worth $700+

Last October, I had the opportunity to contribute to Kelly Nishimoto's Anniversary Party Gifting Suite. Kelly Nishimoto is a television host and fashion designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is best known for her cute booty pants!

Click on the screen shot below to watch the video
my stuff shows at about 1:55 !!! :D

Lots of super awesome prizes to be won!! The total value of the gift bag is over $700 USD! The contest/giveaway is only open to U.S Residents though :(

Enter giveaway HERE!


MizzJ said...

Woah you were on TV?! SO COOL!!

Stressed from the holidays? Give a present to yourself by entering Part 2 of my Holiday Giveaway Bonanza for a chance to win one of 2 sweet prizes!

Denysia said...

Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway! :)

InsideOut Elle said...

I think the link is broken :| I think you forgot the 't' in styleit ^^ but anyway I LOVE kukubee's pencil pouches :D they are so cute! thanks for introducing me to the shop xD

MKL said...

TV is so 2nd millenium *yawn

My stuff is already on the INTERNETS! Woohoo. Holla at me, when you're featured there :P

suki pooki said...

wow great job on getting featured in the giveaway! It sounds like your business is flying sky high so far =) Im also really hoping to be able to pop down to the one of a kind show as well, I saw an ad advertising the show on a post today at the bus stop and immediately thought of you! lol i will definitely pop by if im not nursing my bf who just recently got a surgery on his foot due to calluses EW!

on most weekends im just relaxing and lounging around either my house but usually at my bf's and we make very frequent stops at richmond due to my "neediness" of asian stuff lol but since xmas is closing in im going to start wrapping and putting together my xmas cards soon =) where do you do on your weekends? =)

oh wow! I think it's also nice and super exciting to be going back to your native country (mines hongkong =P) and I love culture shock, everything that I don't understand fascinates me, I remember the first time I had to rinse my own dishes before eating in hongkong, luckily we don't have that custom here! I hope you have lots of fun! What does it feel like to be about to be married? <-- typical girly question to soon-to-be-brides lol!

I get the luxury of flying first class only because my bf works for air canada but I can definitely list the differences for you! I know they're nice to you in economy but they are a LOT more nicer in first class LOL and I agree that the economy seats are not ergonomic at all! I hope you get to travel more!!!

ochikeron said...

Kym! Amazing! You on TV?!

Kelly Nishimoto likes fuchsia pink like me! hehe

Such a great opportunity to join such a huge event! That tells me we all have to act than think!

mica said...

haha i cheated by moving the cursor to the 1:55 min slot... congrats on ur items being featured amongst the many goodies!

i tried those sprays b4! but i sprayed and i sprayed AND i sprayed... until my finger got so tired n until the entire 2nd floor was polluted with that spray smell... but the spider was still crawling n struggling for its life! can u believe it? omg the spiders here in melb are seriously equipped with some special powers im sure. laughs...

love, mica

jen said...

ooo thanks for the heads up!

and thanks for stopping by my blog : )


RicAdeMus said...

Panties??? No way, you're not going to be selling them are you? She was just being flip, right? I'm not exactly sure why, but the aging father in me didn't like the idea.

Cool spot! Congratulations. =)

Tammy said...

Yayy! congrats on getting that great PR!!! :D