Sunday, October 10, 2010


Taking a break from regular programming (30 day blog challenge) to take a moment to give thanks. Here in Canada, it's Thanksgiving so i thought it'd only be appropriate to dedicate a blog post to it. :)

FAMILY - They are my support, my encouragers, my advisors, my teachers, my best friends. Without them, i wouldn't be where I am today, they are the biggest blessings in my life.

HERRO HACHI - Wow. For those of you who have been following my old blog from the start, you know where and how my business started and what my journey has been like. (check out this post about my first attempt at making a shirt). This is what Herro Hachi has grown to today:

I'm thankful for the people who supported me whether it was right from the start, the middle or just recently. I wouldn't be able to live my dream if it wasn't for your support.

FRIENDS...THE REAL ONES: What a lonely life it would be without friends by your side. Thank you for your friendship...whether we're "real life" friends or friends who met through blogging... and will hopefully soon meet in person *cough* asia blog meet-up when i'm in the Philippines next year *cough*

Thank you God for the roof over my head, the food on the table, the car i can drive to and from work, my loving family and friends, a growing business, warmth, laughter, protection, health, internet (hehe), and most of all... life.

What are you most thankful for today?


// krissy ♥ said...

Aww I really love posts like this :) I am thankful for YOU Kym! I don't know how many times I've said this, but I really can't wait to meet you! ♥♥

Erny said...

I'm thankful that I have a job which ables me to pay my bills and food.

You'll be in Philippines next year? Hmmm..maybe I should plan my next vacation there and meet you. Hehe.

abby | ybba said...

awww happy thanksgiving to you too. lol. wait really? it's thanksgiving there?

Totchii said...

Beary nice for you to drop by too :3, and you're welcome!

It's amazing how your business has grown. And I too am thankful for friends, the real ones. As well as many other things. Happy (canadian) thanksgiving!

Trish said...

o0o0o0o philippinesss! haha my mom kept forcing me to go there but its too late coz i started school again already XP

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Happy thanksgiving! Our is not until next month. :)

Best wishes to you and your business. I'm happy for you! :)

Carrie said...

Awww, what a heartwarming and thoughtful post. I'm writing my thanksgiving post tomorrow and your list sounds so similar to mine. So many great things to be thankful for. And thank you for dropping by and for your lovely comment. Hope to see some wedding planning post in the future :) Happy turkey day, Kim!

Little Miss Tiara said...

so glad to be one of the lucky ons who was given the chance to watch you build your business :) I am so proud of you Kym, and am thankful to be here, you inspired me :)

long live herrohachi! ;D

ILoveChocolateee! said...

I'm most thankful for my friends and family <3
Happy Thanksgiving!

RicAdeMus said...

You've got a lot to be thankful for and I never doubted for a second you feel that thanks very deeply. It's part of your charm.

izumi said...

^__^ yay! i'm so glad to have seen your business blossom and just straight up.. BLOW UP. hahaha. you deserve it, you've worked so hard!