Monday, September 6, 2010


For my brothers birthday, he requested that we all watch Machete on Friday night. WOW....and not in a good way. I didn't know what it was about before watching it which increased the shock factor for me. You think you're watching an action film, then it turns gory, then you think... "what the heck? am i watching a porno?" then you think "okay maybe its a romantic action comedy film" then BAM! "Machete" stabs someone, takes their intestine by the hand and runs away while pulling the intestine to its full length. Yeah. 

Btw - it's not fair that the girls get a 66 year old man as eye candy while the boys get Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez (well, Lindsay Lohan was there too but ... y'know) haha!

No wonder I got ID'd twice before watching the movie! I was shocked because this has never happened to me before at the theaters. At the ticket counter: 

Ticket Girl: Can I see some ID please? 
Me: Uhmmm, what do you need my ID for? 
Ticket Girl: This is an 18A movie, we need to ID anyone who looks under 18. 


...lining up with my ticket to enter the movie. 

Ticket Tearer Boy: Are you here with someone over the age of 18? 
Me: *are you serious!?* ---> points to the rest of my group who got through just fine... "i'm with them, and for the record i'm 23" 

HAHAHA! Wow... not to mention when we went to the pub later on, i got ID'd again. Maybe it's cus I got bangs.. it makes me look younger?

What'd you do this weekend? 


RicAdeMus said...

The weekend was funnel cake (first and last of the summer), a baseball game, and our first visit to Buffalo Wild Wings.

I'm glad my wife refused to see Machete with me. Yuck! I saw Alba in the promo, so there's no need to see the movie. =)

I'm surprised you aren't carded more often. The maturity that is so clear in your words doesn't show when you're standing there smiling and looking young. =)

RicAdeMus said...

Those are great memories Kym. Plus, I'm a sucker for fond dad memories.

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

Oh dear.. that movie sounds like torture. Great review though!

I found your blog through "While We're Waiting" and am so excited to follow you!

Jordan said...

Sounds like a crappy movie. Note to self..I won't be watching that!

Isn't it flattering that you look younger? Annoying, but flattering! :)

Have a good one!

Mimi said...

this weekend was okay. just spent time at home. this movie sounds like "woah", and yeah not in a good way. i can pretty much imagine the intestine unravelling. eeee.

<3, Mimi

MKL said...

It's the bangs! You know, that guy, who sung "She Bang"? He must have sung about you. And so all people assume you're below 21, cuz "you bang". Do you understand? Hohoho.

Ps: Not even I understand what the holly canolly I wrote here O.o

Denysia said...

I don't usually like watching scary or action movies. They scare me! Maybe I'll watch this when it comes out on DVD! :)

gessyl said...

hey, show us your new look! haha with the bangs and all.. :)

Erny said...

run away while pulling the intestine to full length? wow. i got to see that. just that part. not the whole movie. not my cup of tea.

to be asked for your ID numerous times is annoying but flattering at the same time, don't you think?

Connie said...

lol i get IDed buying lotto tickets.

// krissy ♥ said...

Yikes! I love watching movies but I think I'll pass on this one.

Oh man, getting ID'd is like the best thing to the self-esteem :D

Yeah show us your bangs! :D

Dirt On The Rocks said...

oh boy that's a quentin film for you.. lol idk if i want to see it now, it seems really intense if you ask me. lol.

izumi said...

o_O i don't know what to say except that i'm definitely NOT going to watch this, hahah!

Nashe^ said...

Umm.. what was the concept of this movie, again? It sounds like the director wants to lump a bunch of genres together. I don't think it's even coming to Singapore!

Christine said...

you got bangs! =D me wanna see? :)

btw love the new layout!

JANE said...

LOL at getting ID'd. I just give those theatre people the eye when they look at me with suspicion. I'm 26 and I look like I'm fresh out of high school. So no fret :) Aging slow is an awesome thing but I agree can be a hassle when we're in our 20s. Oh and I'm not Jane Austin on fb LOL. Thanks for thinking of me though.

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Carrie said...

haha. whatta a funny story:D omg, that gory. i've never even heard of that movie but it sound cool, in a way. haha.

i am now your newest follower. come and check out my blog. and follow me too? thank you!


Becks said...

I have to sympathize with you on this one. I purposely dressed "nicer" when I was at work, just so people would take me more seriously.

Ha, and I just "got bangs" too...only it was a DIY gig, so I'm thinking I might have to make a trip to the hairdressers soon.

the girl in stiletto said...

i spose you take it as a compliment?? lol. ya know, being young looking and all :)