Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creepy or Socially Awkward?

You know how you meet some nice people but you can't help but shy away from them because they give off a creepy vibe? For some reason, i seem to attract all sorts of those kinds of people!

For example... almost everyday, I come across this man in the lunch room who is an Asian man in his late 40's. Whenever we eat lunch, I feel like I have committed a serious crime as I am being investigated with "20 questions" - what do your parents do? what do you do on the weekend? where do you live? where is your church? do you attend bible studies? you've lost weight, what are you eating or not eating? 


But that's not the worst of it. In between the 20 questions, he pauses for a few seconds, stares at me, all while rubbing his hands together... and it makes me cringe not only because he is staring at me and rubbing his hands together but his hands are super dry so you can hear the dry skin sound (does that bother anyone else?)

Anyway, today was the awkward-est of them all. I was reading the newspaper and he comes up behind me and leans over my shoulder.

"Sexy outfits not out of the ordinary for service industries..." reads the headline in big bold letters. 

"Oh.... sexy outfits?" he continues to skim through the article and then asks me the big question: 


Uhm, seriously? Thankfully, there was another less-creepy-and-awkward male person in the room so I bounced the question over to him. haha! 

I feel bad for the guy... he seems like a nice guy... he has a family and all...but maybe he was just never taught that questions like that are inappropriate... and staring at someone while rubbing your hands together gives an unwanted message. 

Do you have any creeper/socially awkward stories? 
I now leave you with a picture from Urban Glamour Market last night... the first picture was of me trying to not be in the picture but just have the speech bubble and pillow monster in there. But alas, I failed. It turned into a creepy picture instead with only my eyes showing. haha! 

like my giant speech bubble? :P


.maitai said...

(O.o) Oh gosh that's....very strange man. :S

Haha I have a few creeper stories myself, like while I was working in a computer lab every night a few years ago, there was a guy who used to come by the lab. The lab was usually empty (cuz who wants to be on campus, studying at night? lol) and he'd always come in and sit ONE SEAT away from me....when there are like 20 empty seats in there. He'd be doing stuff for a little while, and then he'd just turn to me and ask me the most randomest questions ever. (O.o) And then Trace (this was before we started dating) came to visit me at the lab one night (cuz I was creeped out by the dude and asked him to keep me company), and the guy looked in on the lab, saw Trace and just left.....I never saw him again. (O.o)

That's the only story that pops into my head right now. lol!

Mimi said...

i know exactly what you mean! it's like we want to get away from them and stop talking to them, but we don't want to be rude and disrespectful either. :/

<3, Mimi

MizzJ said...

Oh god I totally understand your situation!! That has happened to me more often I like :p Apparently they are just trying to be friendly, but really, how awkward can a person be?!

C. said...

It was creepy indeed ! I have a story to tell, actually: so a guy started to talk to me on facebook, through a common friend. He seemed quite cool at first but then he started to say some inappropriate things like "I hope we can see each other soon blabla" even though we've met on fb an hour ago. So I stopped talking with him. And yesterday, I came accross this guy who calls me by my name...and I don't know his face at all. He just said that facebook is dangerous and left. I'm sure it was him, and it's freakin creepy to be recognized by a guy you don't know !

RicAdeMus said...

Oh boy do I have a creeper story! I used to work with this girl I didn't know how to talk to, so I would silently walk up beside her at her desk and wait until I startled her. She would scream, I'd run was our thing.

Ahahahaha!!! I made that up, as far as I know I've never been a creeper. I try to be aware of how my behavior might be perceived so I can avoid making someone uncomfortable--but it's probably happened anyway...maybe if I thought someone was a better friend than they thought they were (if that makes sense).

I also tend to be extra security conscious for my friends--your safety and peace of mind are too important to risk by being too nice to creepers. Shy away!!! =)

BTW, cleavage is what shows when a workman's tool belt pulls his pants down just a little too much in the back. ;P

RicAdeMus said...

Speaking of safety conscious, how intelligent of that HK cockroach to use a hair as it's saftey line--in case it needed to pull itself out of the food. Yuck! =)

// krissy ♥ said...

That sure was creepy, I would have run the other way!

And yes Kym, I'd like you to be my friend forever! Haha cheesy! ;D

Toothfairy said...

what is cleavage?!? really?! what, he wanted you to show him huh! :P

well, I do attract weird people too, but at the moment, I can only think of the patient, who asked if I was married.... hmmmmm


Dirt On The Rocks said...

OH gosh that is creepy! lol i'm sure he means well sort of lol but you can't help but feel uncomfortable. it's alright i've encountered probably worst men in their 40's asking me out or something it's just sort of wrong? LOL. i guess that's why sometimes i just come off socially awkward or anti-social to get rid of people like that haha. btw cute pixxies! love the giant bubble hehe

Anonymous said...

irkkk.. okay that is creepy!!! I am thankful I don't have some random, creepy fellow asking me what is cleavage.

There was once during my pre-U, there's always this loner dude who speaks weirdly, who kept staring at me like it was the most normal thing in the world. Everywhere I go, if he were there, he would stare at me to a point that even my ex couldn't take it and almost got into a fight.

sssdawna said...

i can tell that you are a very kind person.
i probably woulda told that man to leave me ALONE or just hid from him everytime i saw him
that's a really cute collage!

MKL said...

Well, for me creepy is when the guy is intentionally doing stuff like that, I mean when he's aware about the creepiness. That guy seems harmless and doesn't really know that his behavior is not normal. That's why it's cool you took it as such and didn't make a big fuss about it.

Thumbs up for Kym! ;)

Marie said...

I am lucky enough not to have a creepy encounter like yours. So sorry about that and I think you handled it quite well!:D

How cute is your speech bubble?!:D

I am your newest follower!:D

***** Marie *****

Karen said...

haha wow that cleavage question is so awkward!!! hmm one time this random guy at school started talking to me and literally following me around.. until I got on the bus and ran for my life lol, very creepy.

ochikeron said...

Hi Kym,

You are a nice person! I don't think I'm gonna eat lunch there if I experience such...

BTW, did you go anywhere with your exchange student? I just thought I should write back here instead of my post. I suggest you to go shopping mall because I loved to shop when I first went to the US as an exchange student. Also BBQ outside was fun!

...crickette... said...

ewwwwwwwwwww, that's definitely CREEPY!

♥ Roxanne said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been working at the drugstore for about 2 years now and I now only wear my name tag when head office is on visit because creepy (usually older) men look at my name tag and start asking me questions and all.

Lawrence said...

It's not just limited to girls, I've had my share of creeper guys trying to talk to me and hit on me (A GUY!)

One of my earlier jobs as a service technician for a car rental company, this guy was asking me to go clubbing with him and he wanted me to sleepover at his place @_@....

PS: It's always fun to be vendor buddies at the markets! Can't wait for PW.

RicAdeMus said...

Gosh, I was reading a new blog today that mentioned how certain someones had "encouraged" her to post more often (thank you for that by the way--I missed her too). So, I thought I'd stop by and make the same request of you! I know you're busy with the working and the business and the markets and the...where was I going with this??? Oh yeah, I wanted to let you know you're missed!

Reading Lawrence's comment reminded me of something I had blocked out. A guy ahead of me in line at a sub shop was making small talk while he waited for his order. He paid and left. A few minutes later my order was ready and I headed back to my office. The guy was waiting for me outside the sub shop and walked along with me back towards my building. He gave me the creeps, but I acted as though it was nothing--and kept moving! I've had other uncomfortable conversations with guys (and the occasional wink), but I think that's the only time a guy stalked me. For some reason it never bothered me when a girl stalked me. LOL!!!

H. said...

Oh!! This is really a such. Well i've never been in this situation, well i realy don't remember.
I think you should start ask him the same things that he ask u -NO
I have a nice week !1


ko0ty said...

Who was this guy?

Maybe he knew what cleavage was but just wanted you to show him? Lol.. just kidding. As you said he was a nice guy so maybe he was just naive. =P

Amy said...

why haven't you posted in awhile? i need my daily dose of kym. thanks! haha

abby | ybba said...

socially awkward, indeed.
i wonder what got into his head when he asked you that question.

btw, i have a new blogger! hope you follow !!

izumi said...

acjasdhansdasd how creepy! yea some people just don't know what's socially acceptable and what isn't.. hahaha. including conversations and/or questions/etc. i had a cousin stay over (from japan) and the first night we got to talking, he asked "what's BITCH?" and i just stared at him for awhile then told him "don't ever say that!!" hahaha.