Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sewing FAIL.

Last Friday, Claudia and I attended the Etsy Anniversary Party here in our city. There were 3 stores on the same block who participated in this party - some had crafts available for kids and one store had a sewing party for adults.

One store we really enjoyed had a bunch of vintage things like old stamps, type writers, and old bottle caps. Pretty cool stuff!

At the last store we went to, we were able to make our own pinwheels. I have never hand sewn anything in my life. Heck, I didn't even know how to sew a button on until last Friday! (I was a bit intimidated by Claudias sewing skills since it's what she does, i mean check out her amazing work here) Doesn't our final product look beautiful?

Little do you know, this is what my pinwheel looked like in the back. HAHAHA! I actually sewed the pin shut. Whatever, it's a work of art to me! ;P

I had a great weekend full of sunshine and great company - I leave you with the quote above, i found it in a restaurants washroom.

This past weekend, I learned how to sew on a button - did you learn anything new?

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RicAdeMus said...

My wife can't (won't???) sew. I replace my own buttons, repair hems and seams and try to remember that a stitch in time saves nine (stitches, I think). My fifth grade teacher had us make aprons for our moms (for Xmas) and she taught us how to do a chain stitch. But I've forgotten how.

I'm glad you had a great weekend. Mine was good, except I didn't learn anything new. That's never good!

You don't want to know what I had for dessert after dinner, so I'll keep quiet. If I mention it in a post, I'll put in a warning that you shouldn't read any further. =)

ochikeron said...

Hi Kym!


I can fix the buttons but I seldom do sewing X(

Not this weekend but I learned that the eel (sushi) is pretty good :)

the girl in stiletto said...

i usually try my best to not sew buttons. lol. last time i sew my own torn luggage bag with suture kits that i stole from the hospital. ahahha.

surgeon much? :p

jessonwordpress said...

Hello Kym!!!!!!! :)

Good for you, you now know how to sew a button. As for me, I know nothing about sewing at all. I know how to cross-stitch, but that's it! Hahaha.

Your new blog is super nice! :)

Trish said...

hahaha i suck at sewing, im not really good at it (though i did manage to make an old shirt into a small tote!!) i usually go to my dad to make him tie the knots with the threads & i remember having old bottle caps like those & saving them for some odd reason

// krissy ♥ said...

We used to do a lot of sewing for Home Economics classes before. I try doing it at school, but at home does it for me XD

This week, I learned to un-love him :)

Yelena R. said...

Oh that's too funny :) I would like to make you feel better and say that I can't sew either, but my grandpa was a tailor, so it's kind of in my genes :) Don't worry, I'm sure that will a little practice you'll be a pro!

dee said...

Nice job on your pinwheel! I can't say I learned a new skill specifically, but I guess I realized that spending time alone is refreshing.

ILoveChocolateee! said...

I can't sew either haha
don't show anyone the back =p

megan said...

I knitted something for the first time (using a knifty knitter loom XD )! It was a pouch for an mp3 player. Now I'm working on a bag.

We had an Etsy party too. It was okay. I made a popsicle stick mustache and a mini matchbook notebook.

Cindy Ho Designs said...

I'd stab my thumb, which is why I prefer folding :)

Okay, I lie, I cross stitch ;) And trying to learn how to use my iphone