Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Faker the Better?

A while ago, I caught a show on MTV called "TRUE LIFE" and the episode was entitled "I Hate My Face". The girls featured hated something about their face or their body. They hated their appearance so much that it was getting in the way of their life, their family, their relationships, work, etc. One girl first wanted a nose job and thought that would finally make her happy, eventually she realized she still wasn't happy so she decided to get a boob job. That still didn't make her happy so she decided to get pregnant instead to "fill the void". Riiiggghhhht.

We may scoff at girls who are like this (*cough* Heidi Montag *cough*) but really, it's a sad story and it happens to so many girls today. So i encourage you...think of what you love about yourself instead of what you hate. True beauty lies on the inside b/c once you are able to love and appreciate who you are, somehow the things you used to hate about yourself just fade away.

So... what do you love about yourself?

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Trish said...

thanks for the late bday greet kym!

& i really think heidi montag has the same disorder those girls have "BDD"

the girl who wanted a nose job is actually my friend's older brother's ex gf!!! i've seen her before she started to pound on that ridiculous make up around her eyes & she was actually pretty before the whole dot on her face & super thick eyeshadow phase haha so sad! they were gonna have a baby too & get married, wack!

i love that i dont obsess about what i eat & my weight & where i pack on the pound haha i guess thats obvious from what i eat XD

RicAdeMus said...

It seems to me if you take the time to get to know someone, you will see something beautiful in them. Maybe the same is true about ourselves--if we take the time to get to know ourselves, beyond what's in the mirror (although I think even what's in the mirror holds beauty for everyone if they really look).

I had a friend who was sort of, um, boyish and plain...but she had a beautiful smile and she could have been a hand model if she wanted to be. It was difficult to get her to see anything pretty about herself though.

.maitai said...

I love this post!! It's true, it's so easy to focus on what you don't like about yourself than to focus on what you're thankful to have. :S

I love my curves! lol. :P I don't have much, but I love what I have, for various reasons...I love that I don't have too much cuz...well, I did wrestling in high it, and wouldn't give it up for the world. lol. THAT could be hard to do with a busty/curvy figure. (>_<)

Serena said...

I know exactly which episode of True Life you're talking about. It was a very sad episode. I never knew there was a disease like that out there. =/ Her BF and parents were so supportive and loving. {*sigh} I thought she was pretty without make up.

I don't think people should try to "fill the void". They need to learn to fix what ever problem it is they have. Filling the void will only cause more issues and problems.

There is a lot that I love about myself but I can't really think of it what it is exactly. I definitely love who I am though. I love that I'm open minded and that I'm not stubborn [for the most part]. I really like how I'm willing to try new things and I'm not the type to judge right away.

I think the older I got, the more I learned to love myself. There are things that I dislike as well but I've learned how to cope and accept my flaws [in a positive way].

<3s Serena.

izumi said...

that's really sad. i think some people are soo beautiful but they can't see past the mirror. i mean, sure, in a sense makeup is physically altering but i don't think it's nearly as drastic as plastic surgery. curing redness on your face is fine. there are definitely days where i can't stand how i look in the mirror but i get over it. what defines YOU is so much larger than how you look!

on that note.. i love how absolutely random i am xD hehehe. and physically, i love my left eyebrow. random, i know, but hey! :)

OOOO i want to be in your sidebar of crafters! <3

e.motion in motion said...

I watched this last night!!! It made me really sad but also kind of disgusted... like seriously how the girl that got the nose job and boob job kept saying how she wants to get better and then she dropped out of therapy after one day and then spontaneously decided to have a kid. That sounds like a stupid decision to me. She thinks that having a kid might help her BDD but if it doesn't, then what? She'll have a baby AND still be all focused on what's wrong with HERSELF, rather than focus on her baby. -_-; I didn't think there was anything wrong with them at all! I thought they were both pretty!

I get where they're coming from though, there's some days that I pretty much hate everything about myself. But I don't let it get to me the way they do. I agree we should be grateful for what we do have! And I guess that's what I love about myself... I think I'm pretty darn resilient to whatever life throws at me : ) that aaand I love my boobs. Lol! XD

Thanks for linking crafty bloggers! I stopped making my tini charms, but I would REALLY appreciate it if you could link our Tanimoto Dharma Designs website! :D <3

sunniipinky said...

Although there are some things about myself that I guess I wouldn't mind changing, I really like my hands, shape of my nose, and the size of my face (supposedly it's pretty small?)...hahaha, I think I'm being too specific. But those things are definitely things that other people have complimented me about and that I also adore about myself.

I use to dislike a lot, but I think we all just lack some self-confidence before we've reached a certain age. :)

It's just so sad to see girls who don't treasure themselves though. ): Plastic surgery is something that I definitely would not consider (I'm really afraid of waking up one morning and not recognizing myself O.O I mean, you've seen some supposedly before and afters of Korean celebs, right? Those are just ridiculous if they're true :O). & getting pregnant? I feel sorry for the child she'll give birth to...obviously she doesn't need a child since she can't even take care of herself.

& Kym, you always make me THINK so hard!! Hahaha. I adore you for that though~! <3

// krissy ♥ said...

I feel sad for them. I wonder how it's like, going through life, having a slanted vision of how you look :(

Well, I don't like that I have to wear glasses all the time. Buuuut I DO love my cute glasses, my dimples, my teeth, and how I can eat anything and not gain weight :D

Klaudea said...

Sounds like Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Did you know that neurologically it is very close to OCD? Scientists are now trying to figure out if maybe it is a subtype.

Funny you should post this, I was just reading about this in my Somatic Disorders Chapter!

I feel sorry for Heidi Montag, like really I think she needs help.

Klaudea said...

HEY girly didya know that "Patti Kim" is a korean singer? I was trying to find your blog to link but was too lazy to open up my g. reader so i just googled it and I got this instead


Lawrence said...

This issue is a big problem isn't it? It doesn't help that plastic surgery is getting more popular and accepted these days too. Just look at Korea, practically half of the celebrities there have had some form of nip or tuck.

Anyway, like the new blog! Thanks for linkying us on the side :)

PS: YES!!! Claudia is caving in the idea of getting the iPhone 4 and data plans!!! Let's make W. jealous with our shiny new phones and he's stuck with the 3GS!

Nashe^ said...

I'm finally here! Herro!

.maitai said...

Oh! Btw, thanks for linking my jewelry blog! Sadly um on hiatus for a bit. Still making jewelry but I haven't posted them in a while :S soon tho! :D thanks again!

April said...

Ugh I hate when people use plastic surgery/botox to change who they are, it's just flat out unnatural. It's not meant to be, and people should learn to accept and love themselves for who they are!

I may not have the best body and I know I have a long way to go, weightloss-wise, but I love who I am now, and I know how to dress it, and I've never really been unhappy. :)

Also, I'd love for you to link to my blog! (I blog & sell on Etsy):

MeiBelle said...

I saw that episode. It made me sad and o__O at the same time. I couldn't understand just how really warped their mind was about themselves. Though the girl who did the whole dot on her head was extreme. To me, it was as if they wanted to get better but they didn't. It's the predicament they were used to and they were scared to get better and not get the compliments all the time or have the crying fits. People can get better, only if they want to of course ^^

What do I love about me? I'm grateful and happy to have working limbs and to be in decent shape. I used to struggle with self confidence till I realized that people love/like you for a reason and that in the end one of the most important things is to love yourself <3

... daisy... said...

about me I love:
my eyes and eyebrows
my knees
my feet
my hair...

Pop Champagne said...

Kym! You got a new blog! it's been sooo long since I last visit haha. Is it bad that I find heidi Montag type people amusing?! 10 plastic surgeries at once wow that was a lot!

Jordan said...

Nice new blog Kym! Can't wait to see the herrohachi website :) Hopefully I will be purchasing in the near future!

I love my smile. I love my hair. I love my eyes. I am grateful for what I'm blessed with, and I hope other girls can see they are blessed too!

Karen said...

I totally thought of Heidi when I started reading the beginning of this post.

What I love most about myself is my smile! :)

YT said...

If only everyone looks at things positively as u do...

Recently read a post from a quite famous female blogger putting down ugly people and saying something like "ugly ppl should date their own kind so that they don tarnish the good genes of the beautiful".


And that is becos of these evil ppl that some with lower self-esteem suffer.

Bunnie said...

heidi montag makes me sick. she was so pretty before (V2.0 that is. is that bad?) But now she looks gross.

MKL said...

It's sad that there's so many cases, where a surgery made a person uglier. People seem to have lost their sense of what looks good and what's bad. Maybe we could blame the media? Or the parents? Who knows, hard to say.