Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Your Love Language?

A while ago, I read a book about the 5 Love Languages and how each person has a different way of understanding/receiving love. For example, i love surprises while my husband doesn't care too much for them so when I threw him a surprise birthday party 2 years ago, he loved it, appreciated it, and had a great time but it didn't have the same effect on him as it would have on me.

At first I felt so cheesy reading this book with all it's metaphors and terms like "filling up your love tank" but it has actually enriched our marriage after we truly understood what each others' "language" is.

The 5 Love Languages: 
Words of Affirmation 
Quality Time 
Receiving Gifts 
Acts of Service 
Physical Touch 

One of my love languages is receiving gifts. Now before you think i'm a selfish materialistic person, let me clarify that i'm not looking for expensive gifts (although, i wouldn't mind them. :P) but it's more of the thought that counts for me. For example, my husband knows that I love pocky and he'll occassionally surprise me with a box... it only costs $3.99 and i am one happy camper :) Like they say...

Happy wife, Happy life. ^___^

His most recent surprise: We don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day so I was very surprised when at the last moment before February 14th ended, he pulled out a sweet card and DOMO all wrapped up! What's more surprising is that it was months and months ago when I mentioned in passing that I thought DOMO is cute.... turns out he was listening. Hahaha! I guess we should give our significant others more credit ;)
What's YOUR love language?

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Ricademus said...

Hmmm....I'm not sure of the definitions, but I'm more of a gift giver than receiver. I like other people's b-days more than mine. But I don't like it being forgotten...a card and a hug (and an ice cream cake) and I'm happy.

Julie once told me that Mandarin and German were languages of love--because you sound angry no matter what you're saying. LOL, I loved that!

Ricademus said...

PS - You've got a keeper! =)

Nashe^ said...

I've read about the Love language, too, and it actually HAS helped in some of my relationships. :))
Also, I'm ALL of the above! hahaha... not so much of the Words of Affirmation camp, though.

mizzsandychau said...

ohhh i really want to read that book now. aww your hubs is so sweet. i like simple surprises and gifts too, but no matter how much i hint, he doesn't get it lol

scrumptious said...

This is interesting, and quiet useful. I've been thrown in a relationship and am still trying to figure out the dynamics, might just get this book.
And DOMO is adorable! I have an exact same one sitting on my table right now :)


I like it when a guy listens even if the issue seems trivial or doesn't merit much attention. *hay*

My love language is time and presence. I love to show special people in my life that they are more important than for example, an errand or a meeting. I love spending time making their gifts also. Handmade, personal gifts, I believe, are always extra special! :)

ko0ty said...

Ah, so that's what that book is about. People are always talking about it but I never looked into it because it had the word "love" in it. I'm not a huge romantic. :P

I like receiving gifts too. Don't worry, that's normal. ;)

Richelle said...

Lol! I'm the receiving presents kind too! Haha. It just shows that my bf pays attention. I love your domo adventure pictures. Haha. I just recently seen one with domo wearing a green dinosaur suit and panda suit.