Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bizarre Foods - Waffle Edition

When i think of waffles, I think fruit toppings, maple syrup, and whipped cream but my girlfriends and I decided to venture out of the "normal" waffle and try some bizarre ones. Miura Waffle Milk Bar in Vancouver offers both sweet and savoury waffles and I knew I had to try their Bulgogi waffle when I heard about it.

I like waffles...I like bulgogi... 
so I should like it together right?
My bulgogi waffle - the beef was inside the waffle with kimchi, egg, and sauce in between the two waffles.
Check out their other bizarre waffles - Wasabi Salmon Waffle, anyone?
It doesn't look that appetizing when you look in between the two waffles but i promise it tastes better than it looks!
Besides bizarre waffles, they also offer bizarre drinks and desserts. Have you ever tried ice cream with teriyaki sauce? or a milkshake with wasabi in it?
My sis-in-law ordered this one - the Chilli Dog Waffle with cheddar and onion

What's the most memorable waffle you've had?

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mumuji said...

I once thought savoury pancakes were slightly odd but savoury waffles? Sounds interesting!
The most interesting waffles I've had so far are your regular toasted waffle with cream/ice cream/fruit/jam topping, but then again I'm no big fan of waffles!

I don't like the sound of ice cream with teriyaki or milkshake with wasabi though - thats just crazzzy!

나니 said...

That's definitely... O_O interesting

ShinyPrettyThings said...

omg looks so freaking interesting!!! waffles r my fave breakfast item. & i freaking love korean food hahaha i love weird combos like this!

ochikeron said...

omg! this waffle sounds interesting!!!

good question! i can't think of any, though... hehe

but my darling likes this kind than the sweet one. so my darling likes crape with ham and cheese. hehe

Dirt On The Rocks said...

I love food like that. It's awesome to try something new like that. I bet it was absolutely delicious! It's actually getting me quite hungry, lol

MizzJ said...

I've been wanting to check out this place forever, especially for the flavoured milks. Teri + vanilla sounds bizarre, but then again it could be amazing!

...crickette... said...

Wowowoowow! Looks yummy! But wasabi on a waffle? I've got to taste that! I've had savory crepes before but never savory waffles!

RicAdeMus said...

Mark this post as special. I think it's the first time a food post did not make me hungry. This is unheard of!!!

But I still have not even tried chicken and waffles. maybe once I do, combining waffles with savory instead of sweet will be more appealing.

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

ooh waffles, bulgogi and kimchi?
I definitely have to try this.... I'm not a big fan of wasabi, but would definitely give it a try! Ah this post makes me hungry for Korean!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Looks interesting..

Totally something I'd try with Aylwin!! :D hahaha


suki pooki said...

Omg I've always wanted to try this place! But bf and I have been "trying" to resist eating out so as to save money and tea, does not count because that is a necessity LOL jk jk we make room here and there for it =P

The waffle looks delicious!! Teriyaki sauce with icecream?! I want bf to try if it doesn't taste good I don't have to deal with it hahahaha but it sure sounds interesting, who would've though! I wonder how it really tastes though....and milkshake wasabi? I don't even want to go there....

I hope you're doing well! I noticed the weather hasn't been too rainy or windy lately which is great! I don't mind the rain but prefer to not have the wind =( Umbrella flipping is not cool.

Nikolett said...

Those are the weirdest waffles ever! I secretly love 'em haha, but I would be the wuss who orders the tiramisu instead of from the savoury side of the menu. I mostly just love waffles stacked with strawberries, but you've gotten me to try new places before so I'd try it out next time I'm in Vancouver!

P.S. Yayyy glad you liked the YouTube vid; so happy I got it to embed. D'you have a featured customer lined up for November or would you want to use that spot for Gentle Hands promo, too?

Tessa Tham said...

That's.. interesting. But looks gooood! I had THE best waffles from this place in Singapore called Udders. Came with ice-cream, and I had Earl Grey. T'was amazing haha! Come visit Singapore next time :)

Can't wait to catch up with you!!! P.S You look cute in your video hehe :)

Richelle said...

I wish HI had cool ass food like this! It looks so interesting. Was your bulgogi waffle good? I think the weirdest food I seen here in HI is a sugar donut used for a burger bun.