Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blogging Pet Peeves PT.2

You can read PT.1 of my "Blogging Pet Peeves" here!

Please note: this post (and this one too) is not meant to offend anyone, but hopefully it'll make you laugh because you can relate! :)

1. BEGGING FOR FOLLOWERS. This is one of those things where you actually lose followers instead of gain them. If you want followers, create content that will make them want to follow you. :)

2. "READING" A POST. You know the comments that make no sense because it's obvious they didn't read the whole post? For example, you're telling a story (with pictures) about how your brother just celebrated his birthday and instead you get a comment greeting you a happy birthday and mentioning how cute you and your boyfriend (aka brother) are. 

What are your blogging pet peeves? :D

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FleurLapin said...

Mine is begging for followers to! A girl recently left a comment saying taht I should follow her because she was following me. I think using incentives such as giveaways for the sake of gaining followers is a cheap shot too. I'm hosting one pretty soon but only because the people who have been following me have been doing so ever since I started blogging.

REINA said...

1. when i started blogging, i was guilty of this. i thought it was the norm. but i only did this for about a week because i figured the more i comment with follow me, the more they dont follow me.

when i found out that i can only follow 300 blogs, i started to follow blogs that have great content and something to learn.

2. reading post

i dont wanna offend anyone too but this is what i have observed. i tried to follow different blogs to learn more and this is what i have observed on how these people comment.

fashion blogs
- cute look!
- nice top!
- nice bracelet!

beauty blogs
- that color is beautiful!
- you look gorge hun!
- oh! its so friggin pigmented, i could die!

food blogs
- the food looks delicious!
- its so appetizing!

photo blogs
- nice lighting!
- nice shot!
- great photo!

RicAdeMus said...

I started to copy all 3 of my comments on Pt. 1 and paste them here, but decided against it.

You covered the bases pretty well. I've had one or two commenters who I thought were trying to be provocative (in a stupid, negative way) to get attention--so I gave them none.

I love the story about the vitamin. You're a great cousin and role model. =)

Sarah said...

hahaha when i get too backlogged in my google reader, i'm guilty of leaving short comments :< though what i'm guilty of is not commenting on everything that i wanted to and usually just skipping to a one liner about the most memorable thing from the post. i DO hate that people glance over PRETTY SIGNIFICANT DETAILS though (hahahahaa i wrote defails.... freudian slip?)

suki pooki said...

ahahaha you know whats too funny? I was going to make a post about MY blogging etiquette! Like: no I will not follow you just because you follow me, though I appreciate it but I definitely don't want people following me due to some sort of obligation! I think I need to put this post out soon because I've been getting a bunch of the "begging for followers" comments!

helen said...

Ahh I get the first one more than the second but they are both as annoying as the other. *sigh*

... daisy... said...

Ahahahah I can relate to both! :-D
Sure it's not spam... I get such comments all the time, but they end up in my "spam" comments...

MizzJ said...

I've been seeing a lot of these type of posts lately! It does seem like there was some giant memo sent out that said "tell people to follow you and they will!" and I seemed to miss it b/c it's seriously one of the most annoying things.

bakayabi said...

LOL I can relate to you; I've actually noticed a lot of those comments in blogs that I follow.

But those chips seriously still looks damn good; maybe it's cause I'm so hungry right now DDD:

I also hate those persistent commentors who pretend they know the whole story and decide to try to lecture you =(

// krissy ♥ said...

Whew, I've been trying to post comments on your previous blog posts but can't because my connection is super slow and cannot get the Word Verification image to appear >______<

Oh Kym, it's like you took these words out of my mouth :D I agree with everything you said! Btw, that looks good! Did you make that yourself?? LOL kidding!!!

I also don't like giveaways that aim to just gain followers, sometimes even asking for screenshots that you are indeed following their blog. Too much hassle >.<

And wooooow, July is soooo near!!!

Amy said...

the ones that just talk about their blog? semi-spam??

anyway, cant wait to hear more bout your wedding. please give us more details or pics!! i love this type of stuff. :)

Hazel☺ said...

i agree with everything! and worse, some people say "i followed you, please follow me"... but when you check your google friend connect, they don't even follow you! gah, pathetic people. but i think that's just how it goes in the blogging world. and i just learned to accept it.

나니 said...

ARGH I HATE THAT SO MUCH TOO! People on youtube beg for subscribers as well.. it's so DAMN annoying! "I followed you - follow me back!" or "I subbed you - sub back thanks!" like wtf?! Is this a charity event? Piss off >_> it sets off the bitchy attitude in me.. Like WHY would I follow you, just because you follow me? Is this not a rather free world we live in? -__-" UGH so annoying *kicks chair*

Yeri said...

I wish there was a word that described the elation one feels when the words are taken out of your mouth and described perfectly by someone else. I completely agree!

My peeves are the generic comments. And usually the blogs that I read (and my own blog) have questions and commentary about other things besides what's in the photos. So I make an effort to comment on the words, not just the pictures.

The readers who take the time to make genuine comments are my favorite and the ones that I feel I'm actually developing a relationship with.


Hello Naka said...

word verification but i understand it stops spammer but its really annoying when its word verfication AND it has to me approved and when people spam the comment with their links

...crickette... said...

I guess that's part of blogging, to get people in your blog, who are only interested in seeing you back in their page. Oh well, life is tough... Hahaha!

LiezyL said...

HAHAHA, ito yun eh!
very few bloggers leave comments that are really relevant, some are just blog hopping to direct traffic in their blog. and i dont like people who begs to be followed. if you have a good blog, people will follow you without asking them to. also, there are bloggers who follow you so that youll follow back. and then when you follow them, they unfollow you. what gives? haha, the ugly side of blogging. :)

Khlaren said...

HAHAHAAHAH OMG!!! I know! This made me laugh. SOmetimes, I'd say something on my entry and people would still ask something that I've already mentioned! Turns out, they don't really read my blog. They just want to get more readers or followers! Hahaha omg and begging! That's just D:

Nikolett said...

I can definitely relate - I had one follower just say "cute blog, follow me" and I didn't follow back so she unfollowed me. And that's a lot of "follow" in one sentence haha. And LOL at "join my dogs giveaway", too funny.

Steph said...

begging for followers >< sigh... i don't mind if you introduce your blog in my comments, because i've found some very interesting blogs that i otherwise would not have come across. But those offering follow/ subscribe to me and i'll follow/ subscribe back is just... ick... let's say i do end up following you... what do you gain? another person following, but not someone that will read your blog...

and the reading a post thing... it's soooo obvious when the commenter hasn't read the post!!! sometimes when I don't have something thoughtful to say i just don't comment. But when I don't know how to phrase what i want to say/ what's on my mind, i come back and to comment later when i do~

your examples were quite amusing, especially the follow my dog bit XD LOL

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh gosh! totally agree!!! :O you know what heartbreaking is, one day I got a comment from an illustrator (which arts are so pretty I adored), she left a "cute picture! I love them all!" comment and so I went high. When I checked at her site and saw the other commenter, I went to one of their blogs and figured that the illustrator left a same comment --"

I don't think it's nice to just skim the post and comment anything, or worse copy-paste the same comment for everyone.

I, when I don't really know what to comment, I don't. :|

Richelle said...

HAHHAA. This is a great post. So very, very true. I'm a first timer here and I already had added you to my blogroll.

I've always wondered, what is poutine? Clearly it's french fries, but whats the other stuff?


thegreenhairclip said...

and your blog has the greatest non-fashion content, Kym! :) it's not supposed to be 'follow me & ill follow back'. following a blog should be voluntary and based on the owner's personal choice.

Butakimu said...

Oh. I mentioned this kind of self advertisement is my major pet peeve in your pet peeve, part 1 :)


E said...

i can't stand spam comments. Just pushes me over. And I've also posted a post about how ppl like to comment: "Ah I'm the first commenter!" Well, yeay for ya, go have your own celebration :P

I have to agree with you on those pet peeves too. I personally, have been on the receiving end of the "follower" part :(

MKL said...

Great observations, Kym. I'm currently to busy to care about comments and followers, but I'm happy to see that people still read my blog a lot. Some people just want to be part of the community, maybe they think they can be famous and popular (especially some newbie fashion blogettes), but usually good content and honest approach will give you a loyal readership. Keep on rockin', Kym :)

Lei said...

Hihi this is why I only comment when I actually have something to say. :P

Roma Agsalud said...

that's why I removed the followers tab on my blog :) No pressure of gaining followers. I just write my heart out! :)

Nic Nic said...

lol oh wow that was an epic fail. i like this rant posts!

Nic Nic said...

i mean these* not this.. so you should do more XD

Jo said...

My hubby’s listening skills can be really good! So good that he used to be clueless about brands. Now, whenever he hears me talk about Chanel, LV, Prada, Gucci, he knows how to switch off after that. Ok on a more serious note. He would listen with all his heart whenever he snubbed me for warcraft. I know that I can’t talk to him when he’s fighting or raiding but once he stops, he’ll be on all ears to listen to what I have to say to make up for snubbing me.

On your blogging peeves a few posts down, I can really identify with your post. I dislike people who beg for followers. “I follow you, you follow me” is helluva annoying. I’ll follow if I really like your blog content or if I feel that we’ve been having lots of 2-way communication. I would also follow people whom I feel a connection to or who really read my words and leave long and sincere comments. I would rather have a few sincere followers who really read me and comment rather than to have 1000 followers who leave me comments like “You’re friggin cute!” “The food is deli” “I love your photos”. Whenever I follow a blog, I would leave a note to tell the author I’m following them but I do not in any way request for them to follow me back and I hope they haven’t misinterpreted my words so far.

I’ve been reading a few bloggers posts on blogging etiquette and pet peeves it’s giving me the inspiration to write one too.

Jo said...

Oh dear! I didn't realise that the blogger comment window is on this post. I'd wanted to post on he listening post I hope I didn't spam you. So sorry about that. Please delete the above if duplicate comment is one of your pet peeve. =D