Monday, February 7, 2011

The Madness that is CNY


Most of you know that I live in Canada but what you  might not know is that I live in Hong Kong in Canada... if that makes sense. Basically, the city I live in has a hugeeeee population of Asians, mainly Chinese people which means that Chinese New Year is widely celebrated in my city. This past weekend, my family went to one of the Asian malls nearby without even realizing that it was CNY! It didn't take long for us to realize though because as soon as we entered the parkade, it was a zoo. It's a zoo on normal days but this was a zoo, magnified. As in, my car almost got hit twice in a span of 30 seconds - no exaggeration. O.o

Anyway, my favorite part of this particular mall is the big Daiso store (remember this mall, Nikolett?) Sometimes, i don't even buy anything when I go... I just go to see what new Engrish things I will find.

Beware of magnetic blackboards though.... it could steal your door. Seriously.

Did you celebrate CNY?

P.S - off topic but one of the best parts of my weekend was seeing this.... notice what shirt she is wearing? EEEEKKKK!!!! (okay, for those of you who are new and won't get why i'm so excited... check out my official website here :D)

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Nashe^ said...

Wow I wan t something to stick my refrigerator, too! ^^

CNY is widely celebrated here, but too bad the people don't bother dressing up. It was a public holiday so I went to Malaysia for a lil escape. lol.

Eva said...

AAh you live in Van! haha! I'm in Alberta so its not too big here but we still celebrate it in chinatown. Yup i celebrate it will family hehe

Happy CNY!!

lizzy said...

i present you.... my mind for you... *throwing my brain at kymchi*

i almost forgot about cny until facebook reminded me hahaha

thegreenhairclip said...

ooohhh michelle phan! :) congrats! :) hehe

do u know LOL :D

RicAdeMus said...

Lizzy and I zeroed in on the same line! I usually have lunch or dinner with friends to join their celebration, but it dind't work out this year.

Soon, herro hachi will be like that credit card, "It's everywhere you want to be!"

Year of the rabbit should be my year!!!

Vicky said...

omg, i LOVE Daiso. We have one here in Seattle, and it's like my favorite place to go to.

ochikeron said...

Hi Kym!

Zoo?! hahaha!!! I don't live close to China town but should be in RED this week!!!

Daiso overseas always make me laugh!!! Daiso is not that horrible in Japan, seriously. hahaha!!! I wonder who translated their products! lol

Michelle Phan, she is my favorite!!! Did she wear your TEE?! WoW!!! That's amazing!!! I might see you on her channel pretty soon?!

// krissy ♥ said...

Wow congratulations Kym!!! :D

I love Daiso, I always remember you when I go to Daiso and Saizen here. I should remember to take some photos! :D

Connie said...

hey, is the magnetic blackboard from daiso? I need one lol

Sarah said...

nice! how fun :D glad you get to celebrate it, haha. i love how you used more close-up shots to show the madness - whether it was conscious or not. STILL. good job!

InsideOut Elle said...

ahhh I love your pictures! and Happy CNY ^^ I'd freaking love to go into a Daiso store - I have one palette from them and it's so pigmented...

RicAdeMus said...

The Puppy Bowl is real--Animal Planet came up with the idea of putting a bunch of puppies together in an enclosure that looks like a mini-football field. It's genius. It costs them almost nothing and they can sell ads all around the little field. I think it runs two hours, but they show it back-to-back sveral times the day of the Super Bowl. I bet it's their most profitable day. Who doesn't like watching puppies play??? =)

I'm not big on the Super Bowl either unless the Redskins are in it (hahaha!) or there's a team I want to root against--like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Grrr!

misscindee said...

hi Kym,

Happy new years to you as well. Thx for the comment you left =) These photos def do justice in portraying how festive cny can be. Are those photos taken at Aberdeen mall? It looks very similar esp when you mentioned Daiso. I can spend hrs in there.

Well babe, dont be a stranger =)