Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspiration: Robots in Trouble


I got a little surprise in the mail yesterday! Two little ninja's from Abby who created a new shop called Robots in Trouble! Her and I were talking about inspiration yesterday - I am inspired by people like her who dream, but doesn't stop there. She does something about the dream and takes the first step to making it a reality. :)

So i'll ask you the same thing I asked Abby:

What's your dream and when are you taking the first step?
Check out Abby's shop, Robots in Trouble. Most things are 50% off as part of her grand opening promotion!

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Blicious said...

aww so cute!


Vicky said...

I ordered something a few days ago and I can't wait to get it. They are so cute. Anyway, I'm not sure what my dream is right now. Can I pass and get back to you? ;)

ILoveChocolateee! said...

I don't know the answer to that question now but hopefully will eventually have an answer.
Btw, Happy lunar new year!

abby | ybba said...

hehehe! kym! this is only a small part of my dream XD

ive been wanting to do so many things that i never would do without thinking "why not?!"

ochikeron said...

Hi Kym!!!

You have many creative friends!!!

My dream?! Is "to keep up" forever.

I simply don't want to lose my motivation.

I don't think I would satisfy at any point because I always want things to result better... so I always set my goal to do my best.

Oops... not simple, lol

suki pooki said...

hihi! hee hee park hopping was super fun and I would definitely urge to spend a whole day at just parks! It's especially great when you go during the low season since there's not that many people so you will be able to do some favorite rides a few times and things like accommodation are much cheaper!

hmm currently I don't have much of a dream but to graduate from school hahaha I know that sounds bad but I did so much travelling (which was something I want and love to do) that Im sort of happy to just be back home and settle for a while without leaving (pshhh we'll see how long that lasts lol) I actually got home sick when I went to hk last year lol!

p.s I love those chocolate pops in your previous post!!!!

Little Miss Tiara said...

myyy... look at those ninja pins! :D sooo cutteeee... :D You and Abby are so special, you guys inspire me indeed, haha! I'm such an over-thinker, I think too much and the ideas keep flowing in my mind >.>

alright, here's a spoiler, I've made the first batch of my product, well.. I still need to take pictures of them and build a web and such but hey! At last, finally littletiara little shop is built, well.. slowly though hehe.. :D

Wenny Yap said...

It is important to have a dream. It gives us direction. I'm kinda living my dream now and I am ever so grateful for it.

Happy Chinese New Year to you!

Nikolett said...

Those are SO adorable! Love little neeenja's :D And ah yes, inspiration ... well, to be quite frank, YOU inspire me. Being able to see your designs being worn and acknowledged inspires me to keep going with my design site and not to be discouraged by all the other big names out there. Unfortunately my other dreams of being a teacher and such are all out of my hands right now, but I'll concentrate on the dreams I can make happen on my own for now :)

P.S. Does the Philippines have all-inclusive vacation packages? 'Cause that's what we're looking for lol.

Hazel☺ said...

that's so cuutte! hmm your question is a bit timely as i've just graduated from college yesterday! Probably my dream is to be successful in whatever career i choose. =)

<3 hazel

RicAdeMus said...

Hi Kym! I guess I aimed low. The most important thing to me was to be a good husband and father. I know that should be a given for a dad, but considering my starting point that almost seemed an impossible dream. I guess when the day comes that I get called in to meet my kids' psychiatrists I'll find out if things worked out the way I meant for them too. LOL! But having that goal also lead to something else, to achieve that goal, you have to be able to provide for your family and that inspired me to be a little, aggressive about my career, so that's going better than it should given my lack of planning. I've been lucky.

It's funny how everything in our lives is connected.

PS - I asked my wife about the grenade thing. She said absolutely! She reminded me I shaved her legs for her when she was pregnant (I'd blocked that out), so she knew I'd jump on a grenade for her--especially if I could have done it instead of the shaving. LOL!

Freast said...

your blog is FIERCE please follow us too! x

Sarah said...

i just want to do whatever makes me happy, and be happy! hahaha. simple dreams :P

lizzy said...

your ninja has the name KYM on it!!!!!!!!!!!