Monday, January 31, 2011

What's That On Your Lips?


I originally wanted to entitle this post "Poo On My Lips" but decided to change my mind when I realized that some weirdo's looking for videos that include things like girls and cups might find this.... if you catch my drift.

Anyway, last week, the lovely and also engaged MJ tagged me to do a post where I share 7 funny things about me. Here we go:

(1) When I was a tweenager, I was convinced that Chinese people did not have intercourse.

(2) I laugh at my own jokes and the only reason people around me are probably laughing too is b/c they think i'm crazy.

(3) My ICQ username back in the day was: "dabomb08" i really thought i was "da bomb" haha!

(4) When I was obsessed with AsianAvenue, I changed the "guestbook" link to "g-spot" because everyone was doing it.... at that time I thought "g-spot" was just a cool saying.

(5) When I was 8, I loved cutting barbies hair so i thought "it can't be that hard to cut my own hair too!"... I ended up with a bald spot where my bangs should have been.

(6) When I was around 5, and my family and I were walking around the busy streets of Hong Kong, I decided to pretend I was blind. I ended up getting lost.

(7) Please refer to picture above. As much as you might think I like to have poo colored lips - i don't. When this picture was taken, my lips showed up that color on the camera! Weird and kinda creepy right? Maybe it's because I wanted to pretend I was an old lady on a wheelchair. Maybe the ghost of the original person who owned that wheelchair decided to take revenge on me by smearing my lips with poo color. Maybe.

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Christina T said...

Hahh! This post made me laugh so much xD I did exactly the same with my barbies when i was young too ;[ x

P.S the word verication for this post is "fooker" LOL, sorry..had to laugh -.-

// krissy ♥ said...

HAHAHA I love your stories, dabomb! ;D

Vicky said...

Creepy lips!!! haha, thats weird.
I think asianavenue needs to make a comeback! My friend and I always talk about how lame-o our emails and names in chat rooms were. Le sigh.

thegreenhairclip said...

i can totally relate to #2. LOL haha :D

#5: what?! hahha i can't blame you for being 8 and crazy!

#7: that's creepy.. how did that happen?

ochikeron said...

Wow! Really?! Creepy indeed X(

I like (2) !
Sometimes I realize I am doing the same thing... hahaha

ILoveChocolateee! said...

haha I love 6!
But 7 is creepy.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, that is creepy. Wonder why? @_@

For some reason, I read #5 as "When I was 8, I loved cutting babies". I was like "Woah!"

InsideOut Elle said...

looks like you ate..something.. xD

omg Asian Avenue...ahahah i feel old

Trish said...

dont be silly kym! coz you are da bomb! =D & i think i was worse when it came to my barbies, understand that i have more than 10 barbies & i would undress them & them put them all in their pool thats bubbly & could guess where that one is going!! lol!

MissEmy said...

LOL Thanks for the laugh, Kym. :D :D

josie(bean) said...

hahaha, oh keemers, you are too much. forget "keep it classy," keep on keeping it crazy gurl.

Nashe^ said...

LOL my cousin and I tried cutting barbie's hair all the time and it always turned out weird! hahaha.

I gotta admit, that picture scared me initially!

Farah said...

omg that is totally weird with your lips!!!

scrumptious said...

haha you sure were one imaginative kid xD
I used to cut my doll's hair too...and dye them with a marker. Luckily, I didn't do that to my own hair or my mom would have had a fit lol

Number 7 is indeed creepy!

lizzy said...

that blind part was hilarious like to the max!!!! lol

... daisy... said...

Ahahahahha hilarious! I loved this!


hahah omg asianavenue!! ahh the good ol' days..haha and yes my photo was taken at Aberdeen Center..i love Richmond, so many good food :)

ching said...

haha the camera can distort colors sometimes..

Sarah said...

haha WHAT! i've never seen a cam distort colors that badly, esp since the other colors seem just fine. weird.

love your funny facts (:

and i think people can still find this blogpost through searching that term just bc it's IN the post at all.. hahahaa. correct me if i'm wrong!