Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Newsflash: You're Not the Only Person in the World.

If there is one thing I really dislike, it is inconsiderate people.

Dictionary definition of inconsiderate:  

without due regard for the rights or feelings of others

You know the kind of people i'm talking about... they're the ones who park their car in 1 1/2 parking spots during the busiest time of the year, allowing nobody else to be able to park their vehicle in that spot... unless they're riding a bicycle or a scooter. Or the ones who put their feet up on the bus (a FULL bus) so everyone else has to stand and the elderly person standing in front of them can't sit down.

What about this one... ?


My parents and I were trying to find a seat at our gate on our way back home from Christmas vacation. It was a packed gate and we couldn't find a place to sit... and then we see that (refer to picture above). Seriously?

My mom and I walked by them, slowly, looked at the bench, and hoped that they would realize how inconsiderate they were being... but the wife just looked at us, looked at her husband, then back down to her book. WOW.

On a brighter note, there are still many wonderful people out there so don't take them for granted. A Thank You goes a long way :) 

Do you have any stories about inconsiderate people?

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MeiBelle said...

Inconsiderate people suck!! I always run into them. Today in a packed grocery store this little Asian woman pushed her shopping cart into me gave me a dirty look and then said sorry. I was baffled.

You guys should've just said something to that jerk laying on the seats.

ochikeron said...

Hi! That sounds too bad... but it is funny that you took the pic. haha

I am now back to work... X(

Nice to see your posts again :)

lizzy said...

speaking of car parking in the middle of two parking spaces: went to the movie after work last night, and this one car was parking in the middle of the line - then i was like, "must be female driver, because they don't know how to park" hahahhaha and my friend said "what are we then?", then i replied "we're awesome girls who know how to park properly" ahhahaha. didn't occur to me that that driver may be inconsiderate =P

Samantha said...

WOW.. what a jerk!! I can only think of ignorant drivers currently. You know the ones who block turning lanes or just drive very very slow on a busy road.

Denysia said...

I can only think of inconsiderate drivers! Especially the ones who pull out in front of me, when they are making a right, and I'm going straight. And my light is green! So annoying!!!

Nashe^ said...

Hah! You'll find people like that everywhere, but you'll always be surprised to see them! The ones I see most are those who lie down or prop their feet up on trains and buses. Geez.

RicAdeMus said...

I think I do have a story or two on that subject! =)

In addition to not taking up seats other people need, I don't like it when people put their feet where other people might normally place their hands--like on that bench in the picture.

Somewhere I have a draft post that's basically a rant about parking--I was planning to write one anyway, but then my wife had a really unpleasant encounter with an old woman who had parked badly and then got mad that my wife parked next to her. It was the only spot available.

MissEmy said...

the parking one drives me nuts. It's such a pain to deal with. :(

Dulce de Manzana said...

you should've just sat on him. haha. my pet peeve too.x

Dirt On The Rocks said...

that sucks i would be so annoyed. yea there are a ton of people who are completely inconsiderate out there with that sort of stuff. i promise not everyone in l.a is like that, :)

Connie said...

haha yes you are a rabbit :) I am a tiger. I'm older than yooous. :P

Lisa said...

Inconsiderate-ness pisses me off so much. I can't even go there right now. There's a lot of that in college and roomates, and you discover what it really is to live with people.

Here's my macaron recipe:

Wenny Yap said...

Sadly, we have to live with these people in our midst. I still remember my old neighbor who punctured another neighbor's car tyre just because he parked on the curb outside his house (by law, it's a gazetted public property since it's outside his compound). That neighbor wasn't even blocking his entrance considering he himself always parked his own car in such a manner that it was difficult for us to get out of our driveway!

suki pooki said...

What a rude individual! You should've sat on the ground right in front of him and loudly proclaim that there aren't any seats left lol! I personally hate waiter/serves who have a snobby attitude or sales associates who OBVIOUSLY think you're being totally annoying/stupid/ waste of their time! Seriously!

This also brings me to the time when my bf's tires were slashed! I was so mad because, tires are expensive!!!! I was so chocked, my bf was surprised at how mad I was considering the car wasn't mine but still!! How rude and immature! I do believe in karma but it just sucks when you can't see it sometimes =(