Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awkward Wedding Moments

As you know, weddings have been on my mind for the last few months! Lately, my fiance and I have been trying to prioritize things since everything has a dollar amount attached to it and things add up quickly! We agreed that one of the things we remember the most when we go to weddings is...


I'm sure you're not surprised :P Another thing I always remember from weddings would be the AWKWARD MOMENTS. My #1 favourite awkward moment is the part where the groom goes under the brides dress to retrieve the garter - just take a glance to grandma/grandpa/mom/dads table - awwwkkkward. Maybe this is only in Asian weddings since Asian parents are a little more traditional/conservative!?

Alcohol + crazy uncles also make for great awkward moments. I remember a wedding I went to back in California where the bride was several months pregnant. While someone was giving their speech, the drunken uncle yelled out something about her getting knocked up. *crickets* *tumbleweeds* haha!

What do you remember the most from weddings?

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Denysia said...

I remember the food as well! But I love cake! It's always way better at weddings! :)

Sarah said...

haha one groom kept his head above the dress but searched with his hands. seemed less awkward than you know, immersing yourself in the dress... one couple didn't even do it. actually, a few don't even do it. it's totally up to you :) it's a good laugh for everyone else though!

as for uncles/aunts.. LOL.. there is ALWAYS one uncle who has exp camera gear that gets in the photog/videog way. always.

coffretgorge said...

yes, guests always remember the food! :) as for me, i always remember at least one song from the whole celebration and associate it with the couple. whenever i hear that song, i think of them and remember their wedding :)

suki pooki said...

L O L @ the tumble weed and cricket chirping!!!! oh yes the many ankward moments of weddings! I remember one wedding I went to where the table I was sitting at really wanted the bride and groom to kiss so everyone on tht table kept hitting their bowls with their chopsticks, it was fun the first time but then they did it again and again and the point where it sorta died down in a sad way lol!

Hmmm what I remember most from a wedding....I usually remember the toss of the brides boquet the best (and I'll remember if she didn't toss it lol) the best one was when the bride gave the bouquet to the longest married couple at the wedding, it was cute because the wife wasn't at the wedding but the husband (who was like 75 lol) said he was going to bring it back to his wife at home omg it was so sweet I wanted to reenact it at my wedding and pray everyone forgot it happened it hers lol!

How's the wedding planning coming along? Good I hope? My bf and I sometimes talk about weddings an such stuff (lately it's about our "future" kids) and when numbers come up we panic LOL I think it's like buying a house, all those big number just make you scared!

oh and in response to your comment:
I actually did a tea time post on the sutton hotel a post or two back, don't read it if you don't wanna spoil it! Oh and yes tea is a lot of food! I always go with a hungry stomach and often leave things still sitting on my plate, with a bite taken of course =D

Oh and Happy New Years to you too! I hope it's going great and that it gets even better! hahahaha it did snow but it didn't stay, I actually think it's the second snowing we had......but it gave me a chance to wear my rainboots again, woot!

~KS said...

You know how I love to eat... so food for sure!!!
It wasn't necessarily awkward... but I was at a wedding once and I was sober (odd) and everyone else was drunk as a skunk. So I was just sitting back, watching the drunk idiots on the dance floor, and this girl, who had been wearing a dress that ties around her neck, tried to do some crazy move, but somehow yanked her dress untied, and her boobs flopped out. But the best part is.... she was so drunk she didn't even know it!! So I was just laughing and pointing and yelling, "Boob! Boob!" Hahahaha... still makes me laugh to this day.

RicAdeMus said...

From other people's weddings, the strongest memories include the food, the temperature (if it was unpleasant--like no a/c in August), was there a crazy uncle (or father of the bride), and did the bride look her absolute best. No pressure, but that last one is the biggie. LOL, just kidding, food is the big one.

About my own wedding, I remember everything about the ceremony, but almost nothing about the reception. Trying to give everyone a few minutes at the reception made it all blend together. I clearly remember cutting the cake. did I eat? Not sure.

Most awkward? My two older brothers both got married when I was 17. At the 2nd of the 2 weddings, our even older (unmarried) sister quietly slipped up behind me and whispered, "If you try to get married before I do, I'll kill you." I couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. LOL!

I'm sorry to spam your log, but I'd like to share my wedding story (again)! =)

abby | ybba said...

i thought that the garter part is pretty awkward too! maybe it is just an asian thing though.

Nashe^ said...

Oh!! I didn't know couples still did the garter thing! Hahahaa...

Trish said...

i always remember the food (main dish & the dessert plus cake as alwaysss!) then how traditional the bride & groom go with the wedding O_o with all that money dance & stuff haha

oh then the speeches where the person speaking is almost crying usually id be like "O_O why they crying!" hence why id remember them XD

i can spell my name with my captcha thinggy! "tiversh" =D

나니 said...

OMGZ SUCH CUTE CUP CAKES!!! *_*;;;; And the foood.... oh god do I love food <3

Shingo T said...

During the champagne popping event at my wedding, the cork flew too high and hit the chandelier.

Glad I didn't break it. =X

scrumptious said...

I haven't been to a wedding for over 8 years, but the one thing I remember is the food. If the food is a failure the whole wedding is a disaster, doesn't matter how pretty or nice everything else is.

Your friends are going to be doing the catering? That's awesome. But definitely macarons would have been delicious haha.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this looks yummy :) funny awkward moment though!

ochikeron said...

Hi Kym!

Surprisingly, I never saw that AWKWARD MOMENT at the wedding I attended. Maybe because we are very Asian here in Japan?! haha

Time flies. I can't believe my wedding is already over. Please take time and enjoy everything!!! The big day passes really fast, so you have to enjoy every second ;) I still remember it was the happiest day in my life!!!

Butakimu said...

Hahahahaha! The awkward moments are definitely hilarious. Honestly, I go to weddings for the food :) So I am one of those piggy that find the food to be the most appealing aspect of the Wedding.

Weddings are so exciting! When's your big day?^-^

Fashion Forward Journal said...

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I completely understand the whole awkward moments I recently got married to and being asian marrying a Caucasian and with things had to translated certain things were lost in translation and also there were moments where there were so many crickets it was not what I wanted but I guess everyone has some story of awkwardness.
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Pop Champagne said...

LOL funny cuz the asian weddings i've been to no dude went under the bride's dress. now that i think about it... yeah i doh't want my parents to see that either

Tiff k said...

KYMY!! I've been gone for four months and then you're OFF TO GET MARRIED ALREADY!! WAHH I FEEL LIKE SUCH A BAD FRIEND :(( Online friend that is.... :(( When's your wedding dear? I wasn't able to congratulate you! I AM NOW! OMG SO HAPPY FOR YOU DEAR!!!! >:D< Hahahaa!!

Man weddings, I do love the releasing of the doves and my brother and I used to chase them when we were young. Haha XD Also that realization when I realize my friend is related to the groom my second cousin is marrying. XD hahaa

Am back still at

MKL said...

Wedding dinners in general are awkward. They're awkward by nature. Something needs to go wrong. OMG.. I'm seriously sweating by the mere thought of 500 people watching me as a groom... >_<

MizzJ said...

Hmm I can't say the food is my fav bit b/c usually Chinese weddings, the food is all the same. The cake though is memorable and of course the dresses!! I think I had my own awkward moment at my sister's wedding - instead of making the couple kiss, they made different couples kiss and I had to kiss my then bf! I was thinking of just a peck, but he surprised me by pinning me to the wall!! My dad's face turned a lovely shade of purple.

hellomissa said...

What do I remember most from weddings?
Oh gosh, the first thing that popped into my head was tinikling! Every filipino wedding I've attended had some tinikling going on! ^.^

thegreenhairclip said...

that's so true! the guests will always remember the quality of the food [at any party]!

yes, yes! some may find it awkward but to me and my family it was alright. :)

nice blog you have here. interesting!