Monday, October 25, 2010

Q&A w/ Patikym

Nikolett recently tagged me with a Q&A where I have to answer 8 questions, make up 8 questions and tag 8 people to answer those questions. Whether or not i'll end up following the rest of the rules, we'll have to find out... ;P

1) What's something you like to collect?

pictures, business cards, shoes, & bags.

2) For some odd reason, every single restaurant/fast food place is burning down but the Food Fairy (err, yes she exists) tells you that you can save one restaurant. Which one would you save?

noooo!!!! why would you even suggest such a cruel thing? anyway, if i had to choose... i would choose this small family run malaysian restaurant - it's our (my fiance & i) favourite restaurant. plus... there is a cute 2 year old boy who gives us our menu... his shoes squeak & light up. :P

3) What's your favourite go-to outfit you could wear practically everywhere?

Not to appear biased...but seriously, this pullover is the most comfortable thing I own... see here.

4) What's a song you've gotten into recently?

Come Over by Estelle

5) A fairy (yes, they are popular) decides to grant you either forever clean-shaven legs or forever clean-shaven armpits - which would you choose?

Hahaha! That's a toughie... i'd have to say clean-shaven armpits so you don't have to worry about massive pit stains. ;P

6) What's better than coffee to you?

black milk tea slush bubbletea ;P

7) You're flipping through television channels late at night, what would make you stop and watch?

food - i love the food network :)

8) What's the last book you read?

eat, pray, love!

Okay, i decided to break the "rules" and just ask one questions to all readers: 
If you were given $10,000 to donate to a charity - which cause would you support and why? 


ochikeron said...

I collect brand tags! Sometimes they are cute with own brand logos! I hope you understand what I'm talking about ;P

Yes. I totally agree with #7! he-he

Melissa said...

yay food network! It is always my go to channel, but it's so hard to watch when I'm hungry lol!

Trish said...

food network + food <3 hahahah we'd get along so great just coz of food!

i dont know much charities but, i'd probably donate it somewhere towards animals, coz i love my animals <3 except frogs who chases me in my dreams =(

Totchii said...

business cards are actually neat to collect x3! Also, I'm aactually watching food network right now too! XD (I love it during the holidays!) and mmm black milk tea...

As for a charity... I'm not quite too sure - I think it'd be either for children, animals, or the environment since those are things I care for the most.

MKL said...

I love bubble tea, too :D

Marie said...

Any charitable institution that is all about children because they are the future!;D

Fun tag, enjoyed reading.:D

Happy Tuesday!:D

***** Marie *****

Nashe^ said...

I'd donate to orphanages and UNESCO fo sho, I'm just so kind like that.

I keep all the nice plastic/paper carriers whenever I go shopping...and those really nice clothes tags, too (to use as bookmarks! Haha).

Blicious said...

love food network! :)


de.lizzy.cious said...

omgd im so totally watching food network challenge right now!!! they're making edible cities.
nya ha ha ha.

RicAdeMus said...

I'm torn. The money might go to autism research, to UNICEF to combat child abuse, or I might anonymously give it to various people who I know are struggling. The sound of quiet desperation can be deafening if we're paying close attention.

MizzJ said...

hehe cute answers! Hmm your question is a toughie. I'd say something towards WWF b/c the animals need all the help they can get!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Can I split it? I'd give half to The Humane Society and half to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. =D

izumi said...

saving animals from animal cruelty T__T seriously breaks my heart.