Friday, October 8, 2010

DAY 12 - A Photo of the Town You Live In.

I absolutely love my city. Sure, it rains 70% of the year, but there's just something about it that you can't help falling in love with! The two pictures at the top are of my neighbourhood during sunset. It's a very relaxing place full of young families, couples walking their dogs, and people going for an evening run. In the summer, it's full of tourists taking pictures left, right, and centre and people (young and old) enjoying ice cream or gelato by the water. The dock is full of boaters coming back from their day of fishing - they park at the dock and sell their fresh seafood to tourists and locals. 

The two pictures on the bottom are from a city near by - that is where my fiancee proposed two weeks ago! Gorgeous place, right? :) 

What do you love most about your city?


de.lizzy.cious said...

that i have a place of my own to come home to.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I would love to live close to the water.. that sunset is gorgeous! And what a romantic place to get engaged, congratulations!!

Marie said...

These are great pictures!:D

I love the energy here in Los Angeles.:D

Have a wonderful weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

Kalmo said...

What a gorgeous place to live! It looks very idealistic and serene. :)

Juli said...

Ahh so pretty! Reminds me of a beach city by where I live :] and rain...ah i love rain D:

RicAdeMus said...

70%!!! Wow, but it is very scenic. It looks like a nice place to live. My city isn't much of a city, but I like that my family has roots there that pre-date the subdivisions...back to when it was farm land, orchards, and a tiny train-stop town. Plus it's close to DC--which is actually good and bad.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Rick who?
Come on Kym, you know who I am!!!

LOL, okay, so I am no better at knock-knock jokes today than I was at 6. But in my defense, I hadn't even started school yet. =)

20 York Street said...

Are you from Vancouver? Love love that city, I used to work there and aside from the rain, its just perfect!

Just found your blog today, glad I did!


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abby | ybba said...

wow. you're community is so nice. i've always wanted to live close to where water is.

i will DEFINITELY trade places with you right now!!! lol. you can go party over here in vegas while i chillax over there in canada!!!!

Nashe^ said...

I'm gonna get sme gelato now. Bye!

MizzJ said...

haha well, I'm from the same city as you, so we both know the reasons why to love it ;) There is a reason why we're rated as one of top most livable cities in the world!

Nikolett said...

These pictures make it look like your city is waterworld or something I love it haha :) I definitely fell in love with your city and think I like it better than my city ... the only thing I really love about mine is that my friends/boyfriend live in it ... sad, huh? Hopefully I'll find a great place to live in one day!

MKL said...

Great photos, Kym! Ehm, wouldn't it be nice, if you mentioned the name of your city?

Ciudade de deus?

Alright. Keke..


izumi said...

gorgeous photos. it's funny, i never really take photos of my town.. but i think i'll have to, for my own sake and for the 30 day challenge xD hahah

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