Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DAY 3 - Your Idea of the Perfect First Date

Day 3 from 30 Day Blog Challenge: Your idea of the perfect first date. My first date with my current bf was actually pretty perfect in my books so i'll just tell you about that.  :)

Over 3 years ago when we first started dating, I was still working at a hotel. One of the perks of working in a hotel is getting the chance to go to all the popular tourist spots in your area for FREE! They did this so that you would be better able to help guests with their experience in the city.

On our first date, we decided to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge, a very popular tourist destination here in Vancouver. You cross a bridge that's about 230 feet above the river and there are many trails and things to see on the other side. One thing you may not know about me is that i'm scared of heights but i love the thrill. My boyfriend is scared of heights too and he later told me that he wasn't pleased that we went there but he didn't mind that I kept grabbing on to him for protection. hahaha!

After that, we went for a nice Italian dinner in the city where he recommended I order a PESTO PASTA of all things!!! I barely even ate any because I was so conscious about little green things being stuck in my teeth. haha!

We ended the evening with dessert at a nice place by the water - all in all a perfect evening :) As long as there is good food and good conversation for a first date, it's good to me! Don't you hate first dates where the majority of the time you're just looking around the room, sipping your water every 5 seconds hoping that'll help you bring up a new topic to talk about? Awwwkkkkward.

What's your idea of a perfect first date? or better yet... What's your idea of a horrible first date?


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg sounds like a perfect first date! & LOL it was so funny about the food! hahaha. You don't think he would've been attracted to the extra sparkle in your teeth? lol

My second date with Ricky was good... at first! We drove back from dinner & as I was about to get out of the car he goes "Wait, we needa go back" After I asked why and was confused. Apparently he forgot his retainers at the restaurant !! O_O AND he only had his retainers for 2 days!! I even told him before we left that he should leave them at home since we were going to eat, but he insisted that he wouldn't forget them.

Well what do you know, the smart guy forgets them! hahah. NExt thing you know, the two of us are 'dumpster diving' through trash to find his retainers because they got thrown out. :p

The most unromantic and grossest thing ever. I was all dressed up in a nice top & heels, squatting down over a pile of trash looking for some pink plastic with rubber gloves on.

LOL!!!! It was a complete "OMG" moment, and horrible second date.
...BUT I'm glad I decided to keep goijng out with him because it was worth the one bad date :)

RicAdeMus said...

Aww, that sounds like a great first date Kym. It was a good sign that he was willing to go out on the bridge for you. It was meant to be.

I never had a bad date with my wife. But there was one girl I never should have gone out with (I refuse to refer to our few dates as "dating"). It rained cats and dogs every time we went out. On our first date, I was late because I couldn;t see the street signs and got lost--later she ate too much ice cream and threw up. For our second date, I had a hangover (the 1st of 2 ever) and the person we were following to the restaurant missed a turn because of the rain. It just got worse and worse.

Umbrella and fella--LOL!

Karen said...

hehe that's such a cute story of you guys on the bridge and you worrying about pesto.. I was the same way, but now I actually ask the bf to check if there's anything in my teeth! I'm more worried about OTHER people seeing my teeth =p

hMmm a horrible first date? oh there could be soo many things.. one time I went to lunch (I refuse to call it a date haha) with a coworker.. he was pretty bad*ss (smokes, tattoos, curses). He supposedly liked me but he cursed so much (even AT me) and then afterwards smoked next to me.. plus when I was talking to him he said "why are you using such hard words?" Um... adios to him after that lol :)

Diana said...

That's a really cool first date. Too bad I didn't get to visit when I went to Vancouver. My idea of a horrible date would be if the guy had nothing planned AND was indecisive about what to do. I don't mind being spontaneous but a guy in my book should be assertive and decisive. Also, if the guy doesn't listen to our preferences! lol enough with my rambling. great blog :)

Diana said...

BTW, I just noticed you are the creator or Herro Hachi!! I have your I'll shoot you shirt and love it! thankss

izumi said...

hahaha so cuteeee! :)

our first date wasn't so great o__O i've never really eaten at a fancy restaurant so i was a little nervous. PLUS we were late so i was dressed in "shoot" clothes (aka i was looking... pretty bummy hahah) and we were sitting pretty far apart (the tables were awkwardly set.. we were closer to the people sitting next to us than we were together). plus i kept thinking the food was so expensive and it didn't really taste THAT great.. and.. yea. but we ended up having a good time anyways, AFTER we got out of that place :X

Amy said...

awww sounds amazing! I really need to get my ass to visit vancouver one days. maybe it'll be to see one of you girlies!! lol. Pesto pasta...hehe good choice kym!

glad you're back and at least life is keeping you busy!! i love how sometimes we blog everyday and then life just falls off and you dont have time to post anything!

abby | ybba said...

you make canada sound like it's the place to go! and here i thought that it was the home of the old people and maple syrup but i was wrong. DEAD WRONG. by the looks of it, there's some awesome people in canada.

you date sounds so thrilling and fun at the same time. i agree with you when you say that that's one of teh best dates ever. wait, did you ever look down!? because sure would've peed on my pants if i were in your shoes and i looked down! then, that would've turned out to be a disaster date!

so, since it looks like you and your bf had a good start i'm sure it's still going good now and i hope it's still good in the next years to come! :}

Little Miss Tiara said...

hahaha... my first day with le boy (though now, ex, whatever, lol) was... wait, I've told you all about it in one of my blog post, right? Hahaha...

Alright, went to an antique thrift store, then we moved to a shopping center, visited timezone (we were looking for some left tickets and we found four! Hahaha... we stole them, of course--how criminal we can be? lol), went shooping for HIM (not me at all) and spent like ages choosing the perfect clothes for him, lol.

That was fun ;D and well... the most important thing about a date is THE chemistry, I think. That thing that ensure you, the one that makes you go "OH! Here he is!" haha...

Your first date, sounds really adventurous by the way, hehehe... ;p

C. said...

I've never really dated my current boyfriend, we were in the same class..began to hang out a lot together..The first time we went to a restaurant was for our 6-month-anniversary :p We ate in a chinese restaurant, had drinks...Food, gin tonics and stupid jokes is what I enjoy :p

MY idea of an horrible date would be a date where i would have to do all the talking. I don't get along with guys who are not talkative :p

Nashe^ said...

No specifics, but I think I'd really NEED the guy to make me genuinely laugh!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, I liked your date! =)

A horrible first date I imagine would involve no chemistry, bad B.O and breath, and a stingy guy.

Pop Champagne said...

hahaha I've been there before but never walked across that bridge! it's too much for me

and I think mariah carey is pregnet actually! she just keeps on dismissing it in public but no one can gain that much weight in that short of a time!

...crickette... said...

hell no, for a first date! hell no for anything, for me! i can never cross this bridge ever --- i think i'll die first before that happens! i am not afraid of heights, but i have this thing with drains, manholes, and bridges.