Monday, August 30, 2010

Por que, why?

Why am I in this business? I'm tired, i want to sleep or just watch my favorite tv shows and/or play Bejeweled.
Why doesn't my boyfriend send me flowers everyday, serenade me outside my window with the most perfect voice, and appear at the doorway just at the right time with a box of diamonds then sweep me away on a horse waiting outside? The movies say this is what men do. 
Why do people make stupid decisions on the road? Something as simple as signaling to change lanes could save your life. 
Why do dogs get to sleep and play all day and I don't? 
Why can't i go on vacation? I need one... 
Why can't i just eat everything I want without a worry about gaining a pound here and there? The media says stick skinny is beautiful. 
Why is time going by so fast? I havn't achieved all my 2010 goals yet and it's more than half over. 
Why can't I take naps in the middle of the day, everyday? Kids can do it. 

Why, why, why? 

What are the "WHY'S" in your life right now?


Denysia said...

Why am I sick right now??!!

That's my why.

sunniipinky said...

I think the "why" in my life is...why did I take 2 sessions of summer school? Loool.

But on a more serious basis, I think it's rather "why do I think so much?" and "why am I hard to please?" Gah! If only these whys would just fix themselves. >____<

Little Miss Tiara said...

I think my "why"s are pretty much similar to yours, but add "why don't I know how to start the business?" and "why does the future so vague?" and I can go on and on and on forever with all the whys but I think I just have to accept it. :(

// krissy ♥ said...

Why can't I have enough energy to do all the things I want? Why do we have to sleep? That's 5-8 hours worth of doing something productive, like surfing the Net or watching movies! XD

Erny said...

I have too many WHYs in my mind right now that if I list them down, it would make one bloody long comment. Hahaha.

But one of my 'major major' why would be "why am I always striving for more? will there be a time where i would be satisfied with what i have?"


gessyl said...

I have plenty of "whys" right now.

why are we still living with the inlaws?

Why am I born with large feet? i really want to fit into those korean shoes

blah blah blah

ochikeron said...

Ohhhhhh kym! I have many whys, too!!! I understand you!!!

yeah i will list some to get rid of my stresses!!!!!

pinklotus said...

why in law school???

Nikolett said...

Awwwh, seriously lady ... you love Bejeweled too? In pt 3 we must engage in a hardcore Bejeweled competition -- I hope you find some time to fit it in, even if it's just for ten minutes.

Time goes by WAY too fast ... my why questions involve: Why does life go by too fast before I can even more a proper decision? and Why does my future feel like one huge question mark right now? Ahh life ... <3 hang in there, lovely lady.

helen said...

why aren't there more answers than questions?

helen said...

I think a better way to put it would be "why are there more questions than answers" =)

or.. "why do we question?"

MizzJ said...

Deep post girl. I don't even know if I want to get into answering this, but I'll try to keep it short. Why are people the way they are? Why do sometimes I just get so sick of Vancouver I could scream? Why don't boys do the things they say they should in movies? Ugh the skinny one too. I went bra shopping.. those 360 mirrors are horrible!! haha

...crickette... said...

why is it so hard for some people to move on??? they cling on too much that i can't even move on myself!!! that's the biggest "why" i ask myself right now!

.maitai said...

Why can't money grow on trees?!
Why can't it be sunny everyday?!
And why can't I have a truck?!
lol! :P

Meream said...

Mine is a simple "why must I be working RIGHT NOW when I only want to sleep?"

Christine said...

Why do women have to PMS?!


the girl in stiletto said...

why am i doing this to myself??

RT my stupid depressing job.

p.s yeah, even the word verification says: warties.

MKL said...

Why did she have to leave so fast? =.=

RicAdeMus said...

1) We're meant to struggle, win and lose to know how to appreciate our accomplishments and feel empathy for others.

2) The media is wrong!

3) Why can't I find a bag full of money--big bills??? =)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i love this post.. i too have a couple questions for myself!

like why am i sick right now?
why does it seem like i'm financially struggling, etc..

i too feel like i can't just enjoy food without worrying about another lb being gained!

maviclicious said...

sis, halu! missed chatting with, my thesis survey went great. been busy these past few months doing my thesis.. :)

-i'ved already followed your new blog link n.

- and i recently discovered n Sarah G, have been your customer, ahh, she's like one of my favs(local artist) so happy for yah.

congrats anyways for being on the front page of a newspaper..:)

ko0ty said...

I always watch my dog sleep and envy it because it can lie around all day doing nothing.

Stick skinny is sooo nastay!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Why couldn't I have grown a few inches taller? ;P

Amy said...

i always wonder why i cant take naps during the day either! especially when i USED to in college...haha.

so many whys with no answers.

Jordan said...

Awww Kym! Cheer up! Why can't you sleep all day and never work? Because life is so unfair! You've got to make a living somehow! Why doesn't your boyfriend send you flowers everyday? Because he's a dude and they are STUPID! ;) Well I'll stop now while I'm ahead :p Feel better Kym! Know that everything has a reason and think about all the wonderful things in your life you CAN enjoy! Like this blog, and how wonderful your job is! :)

Melissa said...

I can totally relate girl! WHY do school loans SUCK so much!!! lol I can't stand getting bills in the mail anymore =(