Friday, August 13, 2010

Part 2 of Nikolett & Kym (aka Boots & Cats)

Please don't de-friend us, we're normal people...we promise. hahaha! 

Just as Nikolett and I were getting to know each other, she has to go back to Ontario! It's cliche, but when we hang out, it's as if we've been hanging out for years. She gets me. She gets that I have to go to the washroom every 15 minutes b/c she does too. She gets that scars make you unique b/c she has the same scars that I have. She gets that it's okay to sing in a man voice every once in a while... especially to Cher's "BerieveBelieve". I'm going to miss you! But we'll surely see each other again...either in Vancouver or Hamil-ronto. :)

Before heading here I said "I hope you're not creeped out, but i'm bringing you to an abandoned parking lot" hahaha! There was a purpose for this - we had dinner at Bakudanyaki which is served out of a trailer in a parking lot. 

one of many of our jump shots - check out my hair! 

we're hot stuff. 

both reppin' Herro Hachi ;) 

Beautiful sunset to end our evening... 

Till next time! 
have a great weekend :)


the girl in stiletto said...

ouch tsk tsk tsk. that sunset is indeed beaurifurrr.

we seriously need to hang out. =.="

RicAdeMus said...

As a kid, when I watched slides and videos of relatives vacations, I used to wonder why I was being punished. WHY???? But I watched this entire video and laughed along with you two. Man, I don't even know who I am anymore! ;P

You two are very cute together.

Denysia said...

You looked like you had a good time! Serving food out of a trailer? Hmmm... I have to check that out someday! :)

Nashe^ said...

Herro Hachi REPRESENT!! hahaha... That last picture is gorgeous.

H. said...

You really had a fun !!
The last photo, th sunset photo, is perfect !!


Christine said...

the video was hilarous! thnx for sharing :)

what a beautiful sunset!

btw I got your postcard! Thnx!! I hope one day I get to visit your beautiful city!

ochikeron said...

You really had a great day seeing her :D

Ah, I need to try the jumpshot someday :P

~KS said...

So fun!! And your hair in the jump shot is super super fantastic!!

Bunnie said...

Awww you're SO cute. I'm jealous! When are you going to take me out on a fun date?? I've been unemployed for 2 months now.. you know. Just sitting here. Thinking about my December Camel. Sigh. She's so hot.

But yes, you're so interesting. As usual.

And yes, that's me in the picture. :) I love how SLRs make you look so much better. Hah!

gessyl said...

you girls are hilarious! it was pretty obvious from the vid that you had super fun! :) checked out your herro hachi site BTW, cool designs! do you accept paypal? haha

Little Miss Tiara said...

too adoorable!!! :D I love the glasses part! lmfao, how did you two get those glasses huh? ahahaha... xD

and I love all the 'herro!'

and nikolett, hahahaha... she loves to move and sing and you both are too wonderful, aahh... I wanna be there too! backseat! me me me!!! :P

Nikolett said...

Okay ... you've made me teary-eyed, Kym <3 I told my parents yesterday about my two meetings with you and they went, "Wow ... it's cool you can be close with someone so far away" and I thought, "Truer words have never been spoken" :) It was great meeting you and connecting with you and through each jumping photo I thought, "If only we lived closer!" How about next time, we'll meet up halfway in Sasketchewan? LOL (is there anything to do there?) Can't wait until we meet again, wherever it may be :)

Stephanie said...

you said soarie, i love you! haha

josie(bean) said...

Ahahaha! Omgosh guys you are the BEST, and the reason I miss my blogger the most!! For srs, being a big girl and working full time at an agency/doing event planning on the side apparently leaves little room for blog posts, but I'm totes catching up on at least reading yours and pages - I've truly missed them/the silliness of ny face blog ladies ;D speaking of, entire new blog layout?! Me likies. Also, I DO wish I was in the back seat of that car with you guys, not creepy at all! If only Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into my Car" was playing in the background...hahaha.

Ok well I'm looking forward to catching up with you BOTH! I'm glad you haven't forgotten about meee/honestly quite touched I even got a shout out mention on your home video :') <333z!!

izumi said...

hahahha you two are too cute!