Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Kind of Girl Are You?

Recently, I got tagged by the lovely Suki Pooki to answer a lil' questionnaire. I love tags because they give me a break from thinking of a topic to write about. ;) You may think that this tag is about "what kind of girl you are" but it's really not.... you'll see the connection later on though.


1.) Why did you create this blog?

It’s a bit of a long story. I created this blog so I could separate business + personal blogging from my original website which started out as a personal blog that turned into a business and personal blog that will no longer exist in 7 days because this does. Does that make sense? :P

2.) What kind of blogs do you follow?

I prefer following personal blogs, tutorial blogs are great too but I don’t really wear make-up or do my hair very often or paint my nails nicely. I guess I’ve always been more of a masculine girl, in a non-butchy man looking way. Not to say that I don’t like dressing up but most days you’ll find me in a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and jeans with no make-up on and half blow dried hair. Okay, so back to the question – personal blogs, I follow mostly personal blogs.

3.) Favorite make up brand?

Refer to #2

4.) Favorite clothing brand?

Is it tacky to say Herro Hachi, my own brand? Hahaha! In all honesty, I don’t have ONE particular favourite brand – if it looks good, I’ll buy. Brand name or no brand name.

5.) Your indispensable make up product?

Refer to #2.

6.) Your favorite colour?

If black, gray, and white count as colors then they are my fave but if not, my favourite is red and aqua.

7.) Your perfume?

Refer to #2.

8.) Your favorite film?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Gran Turino, Brothers, The King’s Speech

9.) What country would you like to visit and why?

What country wouldn’t I like to visit??? My dream is to travel the world one day but on top of mine and my fiance’s travel list is JAPAN. We love everything about it... the food, the people, the culture, etc(hope to meet you soon, Ochi! :)

10.) Make up the last question and answer.

Referring back to #2 since I’ve referred back to it enough times…

Are you a girly-girly girl or a masculine but still sometimes girly girl like me? 
(you don't have to answer this... Rick, Nino, Shingo... haha!) 

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lizzy said...

i love the footnote best. but i would loveeee to see how they respond to this type og tag =P

thegreenhairclip said...

compared to girls i know, i think i'm between. hehe :) sometimes i feel i want to look girly-girl yet there are moments when i feel i want to be just in jeans and shirt and be carefree. :)

you answered 4 questions with the same thing - refer to #2. LOL :) that saved you a lot of time!

InsideOut Elle said...

ehhe I feel like I am tomboy in a girly girl body. Esp online I think I appear girly girlish tho in reality I prefer just a sweatshirt and leggings. Dressing up for camera is a special occasion for me and what makes it fun ^_^

RicAdeMus said...

Like my wife (and Mariska), you've got a natural beauty, no need for make-up. You've never seeemed masculine. Now, if I was a girl, I'd be the most masculine, GQish lesbian on the planet. Dudes would want to copy my style. LOL!

I'm glad you like The King's Speech and Gran Torino, two great movies! The last post on my Mikey blog had a theme similar to Gran Torino, sort of. I can't believe they stole the story from me!!! ;P

MJ said...

So I think this pretty much nailed why I love your blog so much. I can't describe myself in terms of genderish words, because I am very girly girl, but I'm like you and am not big into doing my hair and make up.

I love your blog because it's your personal blog, and everything you post in genuine and authentic.... not just for the followers, and not self absorbed.

Don't get me wrong, I do my share of fashion blogger reading...... and a little posting here and there, but blogs like yours are the whole reason I even read blogs :)

ochikeron said...

Hi Kym,

I think I am not a girly-girly girl speaking of my attitude... I love cute fashion but not always girly one because some of them don't look good on me X(

Which part of Japan you want to visit?! Speaking of foods, I think any part of Japan will satisfy you ;)

MeiBelle said...

I love your sense of humor!

I think i'm a girlie girl with guy tendencies sometimes. I love Herrohachi haha. I have my herro pin currently on my wallet.

Hazel☺ said...

haha nice answers! i see some of myself in you. i don't like dressing up on some days and not much of a girly-girl.. but if mood strikes in, i also like to dressup and be girly girl ;)) and wow JAPAN! hope you can travel that country soon! heard and read so many nice stuff about it from fellow bloggers :)

<3 hazel

Hazel☺ said...

haha nice answers! i see some of myself in you. i don't like dressing up on some days and not much of a girly-girl.. but if mood strikes in, i also like to dressup and be girly girl ;)) and wow JAPAN! hope you can travel that country soon! heard and read so many nice stuff about it from fellow bloggers :)

<3 hazel

suki pooki said...

Okay I think Im the first person in this comment list to say this :Iam purely 100% girly girl!!!! I love it, though it's true I don't curl my hair or make it huge I love being a girly girl, which Im sure you've gotten a taste of over at my blog! LOL Pink is my middle name. Oh this was also an award as much as a tag, that I really think you deserve!

I agree with your choice of blogs your follow, for some odd reason, blogs that only focus on fashion/make up really turn me off LOL

I really do hope you get to visit Japan soon, it is all that you think it is and MORE! Whenever my bf sees comments where ppl say they would love to visit japan he just loves to rub it in and say how spoiled I am for being to Japan twice in one year, gosh I know already stop it!!! lol Perhaps you can make it your honeymoon destination? =D

Im afraid I've never tried sweet tea before but since I love tea and sweet things it seems like the perfect combo!!!! Oh and do visit Disney world before you two have children because your know it will NEVER be the same once you have little ones running around =P (if they are in your plans lol)

P.s are you going wedding berserk yet? lol

Butakimu said...

Your answers to this questionnaire cracked me up. lol. It is not tacky to like your own design!

I'm a total girly girl! I can't be tom boyish even if I tried!

I suck @ every single sports & spends 30min - 1h getting ready everyday. It's gotten to the point where my bf would just ditch me at home and do errands by himself =.=

Nikolett said...

LOL at all the "Refer to #2", my mind kept going dirty ... so bad. And I would LOVE to sneak into your luggage when you and your fiance/future husband go to Japan. Definitely a dream vacation of mine (and of course, one day see you, Krissy, Jess, and more blogger ladies in some location one day)!

I'm a mix of mostly girly-girl but with dirty mindedness and don't mind getting mud all over me kinda girl. If that makes sense lol. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sarah said...

haha i kept reading the questions and was like.. what? why? this has nothing to do with the question. it's sort of like those songs that's named one thing and they don't reference that title until the very end of the song.. and you're like.. OHHH I GET IT! hahaha :)