Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hannah Montana - Bridging Cultural Gaps

Thank you everyone for your suggestions on what to do with our exchange students! After 3 days living with us, I finally figured out what they really enjoy. While we were watching TV, I asked them if they wanted to watch the Disney Channel, they nodded excitedly, their eyes lit up, and one of them asked in her cute chinese accent "Hannah Montana?"

It's amazing how little English they know but they know all the words to Hannah Montana's theme song and all High School Musical song. When Zac Efron came on during a movie preview, they said something in chinese to each other, giggled, and said to me "handsome". Hahaha! They are slowly opening up and learning more and more. It's exciting for me to see them get excited each time they understand a question that I ask them! ;D

Speaking of cultures, what comes to mind when you think of the word "multicultural" ? Think of words, images, phrases, etc. :)


Denysia said...

Haha. In Taiwan I remember they had the Disney channel, but most of the cartoons were in chinese, instead of english! That was how I learned to speak chinese better! :)

maria. said...

When i see the word 'multicultural' i think Australia (:

MKL said...

I told you take them to Disnyeland and you brought Disneyland home. Cool.

Multicultural has become a bit of a tricky term in Europe in recent years, because there's a big rift between Middle Eastern immigrants and locals here. Not in my country, but places like France, UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Norway... Many people therefore think that multicultural societies failed. I think they failed in certain places, but not everywhere. USA, Canada are great examples. I think you have a way to make immigrants become part of you, but in Europe, locals and foreigners rather stay on their sides, don't mix a lot. It's rather sad. I hope your example will be the norm. We're different, usually we have communication problems, but the point is to keep going and trying. And then you can find a solution: Hannah Montana of course :)

Nashe^ said...

The word 'multicultural' itself is practically in Singapore's national pledge. I'd think of my country first when I hear the word :]

Little Miss Tiara said...

lol! Disney channel! :D and Zac Efron! Ooohhkaaayyy... lol xD

multicultural? First thing I remember was one of my class, we learnt about multiculturalism, heheheh... and I remember I did a presentation about a trans-gender school in thailand. hoho...

... daisy... said...

Multicultural? I think of the UNICEF flag! I love it and I think it suits the best!
Ahahahahaha the old TV! You found a good and cheap way to entertain them for a while!

the girl in stiletto said...

dance!! lol.

i used to dance for multicultural dance troupe performing for festivals.

i was bad at it though! ahahha

RicAdeMus said...

Everybody has those days.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Life's what you make it.
So let's make it rock.

My two favorite song lines are from a Disney song--but they're not from one of Hannah's songs!

I think I already overshared on FB about "multicultural". When you do engrish, it's funny and cute. When I try to do it, later I feel like I did something wrong--so I deleted my comment. It was haunting me. I know my heart was in the right place, but maybe I worry others won't know it too.

Multicultural: Strength, united, combining the best of all possible worlds, understanding, enlightenment, ahhhhh, I'm done!

RYC on the singing, I thought it would be funny to take my singing out of the shower for one day and post it on my blog. It will be gruesome! Just waiting for the right moment...maybe when someone really needs a laugh. :)

megan said...

My host sister in Japan is (or was) a big fan of HSM and Zach Efron too. :) She's 15.

izumi said...

hahaha! aw, cute :)

multicultural? like.. international potlucks xD

RicAdeMus said...

PS - I love Daity queen, guess everyone does. When is the big day?

RicAdeMus said...

Daity Queen? I hate my own typos!!! Ugh!

// krissy ♥ said...

Aww I used to want to be a foreign exchange student! You should foster me too, Kym! I swear I will be amused by anything LOL!

Yes, Disney appeals to everyone :)

Hmm, when I encounter the word "multicultural" I think of colorful vintas, like the ones in Zamboanga, Philippines :)

miku said...

Most of my English knowledge came from Bugs Bunny & Disney movies. Ah those were the days.

when I think about multicultural, I think about my one month in Taize, France. It's a Christian Community(no, no camp Jesus, it's all about uniting faiths through love) anyway that's where I met people from all over the world. It was awesome.